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June 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    spent £13.22 in tesco that included onions, milk, bread,eggs and toilet roll that we really needed and some juice chocolate and frozen chips (which are 60p for the big value bag if that helps anyone) which we didn't but it will all be used and sometimes in life you need chocolate :)

    thats wasn't too bad til i brough the kids to speech therapy and left oh in the car, now i know he had to sit for an hr (the twins have to go in in turns) but even still he spent £7 on icecreams and milkshakes which will have to come out of my budget aswell :(
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  • 69chick69chick Forumite
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    another nsd today so far (dh is angling for a bottle of wine but the booze budget is not good this month, so am hoping he will forget about it..he had acupuncture today on his bad back and keeps saying that the therapist recommended red wine, yeah right :naughty:

    dh gets paid on Friday as his pay day is 19th and thats on Sunday but I am going to end my June gc day on Monday as otherwise its only been 3 weekends and would make July 5 if I include this weekend quite pleased with how this month has gone, thanks to all of you for such great tips.

    We had the sausage casserole thats on here again today, it was even better this time round as I put in more potatoes and sausages so that I could freeze some too.....clean plates all round which I love (and doesn't happen that often in this house)

    Off to delivery ds and nephew now to cubs, then I fancy a bath tonight I think. Have a headache and hoping that will help..
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  • crockpotcrockpot Forumite
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    Well went to aldi yesterday and spent £9.99 so that was ok, but ended up in mr m's later on as I needed petrol and spent £44.57! That did include £9.99 on a DVD for ds as he got a super school report and £5 on mags, need to keep out of supermarkets!

    Had a nsd and used leftover chicken for tea so that's a start!

    One reason for big spend is that tummy playing up again, so had to get some gluten free stuff, pasta £1.53 instead of 20p a bag! No wonder it was so much!

    Hoping for another nsd tomorrow, as not pay day til tues and not much money left.
  • piperskypipersky Forumite
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    Nothing spent again today or yesterday :D My spends stand at £94.35 out of a budget of £250 which I am MORE than happy with... Might have to spend some money tomorrow as I will def need milk and bread before the end of the week and I will be out anyway. Hope everyone else is doing well... :)
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  • Finally caught up !!

    69chick hope the bath does the trick on easing the headache.
    Aril Sorry to hear about the loss of your job for July fingers crossed you find something else soon.
    Thebees Hope your feeling better soon after your Op, sounds like you've trained hubby well!
    Welcome Davesand the wonders of this forum haven't ceased to amaze me yet!
    Quintwins can you let me know when the peach cobberlers ready i'll be round with my spoon for a cheeky taste test :drool:

    Total spends so far up to £47.56 as i decided to get fruit for my draw at work as apposed to snacks which have not been doing my waistline the blind bit of good. Scary thing is somehow i dont think i will have any fruit left after tomorrow at the rate i've been eating it. (did save the satsuma skins too...which im going to add to the lemon ones i have saved at the weekend to try and make into candied peel) Feel very OS now!
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  • espresso21espresso21 Forumite
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    Blimey, I don't get on the site for a day and suddenly there's loads to catch up on!
    69Chick, I always find a dark room and a cold flannel on the forehead helps.

    Remember that saving every pound coin scheme I decided on a couple of weeks ago? Well I have £14 now! (And the other day I was unhappy when someone gave me a pound change in 2 50p coins as then it meant I couldn't capture a pound!)

    This Grocery Challenge thing is really good for me. I know I sometimes don't manage to stay in budget BUT it is making me really think about everything I buy. I can't believe how much money I used to waste. I used to get bored and shop - sometimes for clothes, sometimes for books, sometimes for food. Now I actually pause and think before and that is a good habit to get in to.
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    69chick69chick Forumite
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    edited 14 June 2011 at 9:40PM
    espresso21 I am exactly the same with the weekend especially I would usually just pop to the shop for a few bits and always spend loads, usually justifying all of it as either 'bargains' or to 'put away for later' etc... but really I just generally didn't need it....

    and we are not eating any worse than before, I am just using what we have by planning better....tomorrow am going to do dh and me chicken breast am thinking garlicky with veg and the aldi dauph potatoes that I picked up when I was in there and the kids are on fishfingers. and Thursday its chilli wraps all round ;)
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  • XSpenderXSpender Forumite
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    2 NSDs in a row for me:) I even avoided spending any money in the staff canteen today and I was at the site where the food is really nice.

    Made omelettes for tea tonight. DH was filled with chopped potobello mushrooms I got in my veg box ages ago and froze as I am allergic to them and would have got wasted otherwise, frozen leftover pancetta from Christmas and the leftover half of an onion I chopped and froze a few weeks ago. He thought i was lovely:rotfl:

    Don't need to buy anything, although the loo roll is getting very low. I will have to find an alternative as I don't want to spend any money:rotfl::rotfl::rotfl:

    I have lots of qu0rn and veggie mince in the freezer but need some inspiration of what to cook with it. I always do chilli, shepherds pie, bolognaise and the odd mousakka but need a few new ideas.
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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    i'm gonna go way way over budget because i just did an approved foods order not for anything we need as such but i've found myself buying alot of crisps and chocoltae lately, and at £3 for 8 bars it will be alot cheaper this way in the longrun- but i spent £73 :o

    destroyerofdebt2011 i'd love to share but i havnet acually amde it yet, i have 2 punnets of peaches to use up tho so thats my plan for them :)
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  • JILJIL Forumite
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    XSpender wrote: »
    2 NSDs in a row for me:)

    I have lots of qu0rn and veggie mince in the freezer but need some inspiration of what to cook with it. I always do chilli, shepherds pie, bolognaise and the odd mousakka but need a few new ideas.

    I like this made with quorn mince

    There are also a few recipes on the quorn site
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