Hi All,
I have only just joined and I'm not sure if this is the right thread but here goes...
Me and hubby are residents of Poole and live near the harbour. We love our seafood but since having kids can't afford to eat out in style. I have been thinking that it can't be that hard to catch your own crabs and lobsters. What do you think about buying a little rowing boat. A couple of pots and giving it a whirl?
I'd love any advice, comments, warnings, anecdotes..whatever you've got.



  • tori.ktori.k Forumite
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    There is fishing regs with crab and lobster fishing, you didn't use to need a permit as long as you didn't land more then 1 lobster and 5 crabs for personal use, but there are rules on size and state of catch you couldn't land soft shelled or berried hens, within 6miles of shore but each area has its own set's of rules,
  • sharpy2010sharpy2010
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    Looking at Tori's post, it amazes me that ANYONE is able to earn ANY money in this country full of rules and regulations. The government make it too hard to do anything, these days.

    Catching a few crabs and lobsters, how bad can that be? And yet, even something as simple as that, isn't allowed.

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