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June 2011 Grocery Challenge

edited 29 May 2011 at 9:18PM in Old Style MoneySaving
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  • 69chick69chick Forumite
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    Have just had my MrS delivery and as I suspected I got none of the reduced barbecue stuff I ordered :( also they overcharged me on a couple of the short shelf life items that were meant to be £1 each but they charged me full price so have had to return loads of expensive barbecue stuff the put in as a replacement (how I wish they price matched!) and then call them for another refund :mad: also as usual they wanted me to take the refund as an e-voucher but this time I said no as I won't be doing an online shop for a while and would rather have the £4 in my bank (and not on my gc spend!) how sad am I!!

    I havn't updated the sig as am waiting for it all to go through with the refund etc. but have worked out have spent approx £46 on food but not much meat as they didn't have that stuff so will poss need to get some chicken, but think I might be ok if I meal plan well!! dh made a chicken curry tonight which was scrummy and I have 2 portions in the freezer so that will help...

    right off to scan the threads...
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  • CupcakeLisaCupcakeLisa Forumite
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    i so far have spent £116 out my £140 budget. this is the first time i have ever done a monthy meal plan and its working out great for us - i have enough lunches/dinners in my house to do till the end of the month! and i have bought enough shower gel to last us at least two/three months! i have £24 to get bread milk eggs and bananas each week! i even have enough ingreadients to make two batches of flapjacks and two batches of brownies!

    i wasnt much of a cook before so had loads of basic store cupboard items missing but im now fully stocked!
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  • missblondemissblonde Forumite
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    I'm being very good, two NSDs this week and I've run out of bread and cheese. Normally I'd have gone shopping and spent at least £20 extra. Instead I've been using up things in the freezer and cupboards!
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  • 69chick69chick Forumite
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    For the first time in ages this week I allowed things to run out and didn't panic and run out to replace them (which would mean more stuff on top that we didn't need) eg. spreadable butter ran out, so I just used a bit of the butter that I use for baking...and when the cereals the kids loved were not there,they managed on what was there...amazing eh :D
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  • ragz_2ragz_2 Forumite
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    £15 spend today in co-op on meat offers. Every time they have their Elmwood Chicken on offer I wrestle with my conscience about whether I can buy it, but I usually end up deciding it's close enough to free range that I can. Am I the only one that does this?
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  • Hi! is it too late to join in?

    If not, then great!!

    I am new to this board and generally an occasional forum poster. but I am trying to get a tight grip round the throat of our debts so i am hoping to be here more often!

    I usually budget £200 a month for our family of 2 adults and 2 under 5's. Most times we end up going over this, so I want to get this in hand. This month we are having a big BBQ to celebrate 4 birthdays, so I am allowing £250

    So far, this is our spends:

    £46.21 weekly tesco shop
    £35.40 costco for BBQ meat
    £48.78 weekly tesco shop
    £12.50 junk food splurge at local corner shop :(

    So the total so far is £142.89

    looking forward to getting inspiration from all the recipes, i tend to stick to the same stuff when on a budget which gets rather boring.

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  • youngmummyyoungmummy Forumite
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    hi all, hope everyone is ok.

    spend £23.00 tonight at C*op. it was mainly fruit and odds and ends that we are running out of . will update sig now good luck everyone x
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    A few bits at sainsburys yesterday, taking my total for June up to £100.55/£350 so far.
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  • eveie189eveie189 Forumite
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    I think i may not make it this month. Out of a budget of £400 I have now only got £46 left to last 19 days. Have got loads of food in, but things just seem to keep cropping up that we seemingly forget about like the £9 bag of rabbit food that I have just had to pay for. Thinks I am going to make a list of these kinds of spends for next month and then just get them all at the start of the month. Hope everyone is not doing as badly as me.

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  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    morning all, paid £4 to the nursery today, will update my sig now, i'm now completely out of bread,bacon,ham and eggs but i have bread in the bm now for lunch and i'm just gonna do without eggs,ham and bacon these are things we normally always have some of in but we don't really need them we have plenty of everything else, running low of fuit but have enough to last until monday
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