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Has anyone ordered from lightinthebox?

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  • I would advise anyone to steer clear of LightInTheBox.

    I have ordered a wedding jacket and a few other stuff from them and paid for the fastest delivery which said would be 9-11 days. they then sent me an email in which they said i would recieve my order on the 10th March that is 5 days after my wedding and a total of 30 days to recieve my order!!

    I emailed them to find out why it would take so long and got no reply so i email again and again, a total of four emails were sent and they still have not got back to me.

    they have a live chat option on their site but all it gives you is another email address. useless!!

    They have also had the cheek to send me a customer satisfaction survey..... Really!!!

    Thank god i paid through paypal as have now put in a dispute.

  • Hi superchild.
    I am a dressmaker and what concerns me is the quality of fabrics. Some are so thin underwear can be seen through, boning, the stuff that structures the gown, is poor quality that it buckles. (we have this conversation going on in my sewing forum) This does not mean ALL dresses ordered from abroad are poor quality, but without causing any offence, some people do not see the quality nor understand it. Some wouldn't know the difference between silk and synthetic. I wouldn't want to put anyone off at all but I would source your local dressmaker before spending out on something you haven't seen. :money:
  • chay90chay90 Forumite
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    To anyone thinking of using Light in the Box, I really would advise against it.

    It's not a scam and I think that they probably do produce good quality dresses relative to the price from what a lot of people have said.

    However, their service is anything but professional.

    I ordered a dress nearly two months before the event at which I was planning to wear it and was given an estimated delivery date when I paid. When the delivery date came and went, I sent a message to customer service via their website. I got a reply the next day saying that due to unforseen circumstances the production on my dress had been delayed and that it would not be completed and shipped until after the date of the event. The fact that I had to find out for myself rather than them getting in touch with me to explain the situation did suggest rather that my order had got lost in a backlog somewhere. When I sent back a fairly firm response, they seemed to get very worried (which also make you wonder how legit the whole set up really is) and offered either a discount on the dress or a full refund. I opted for the latter which came through within the week.

    Clearly I was luckier than some people in getting my refund straight away, some people have had good experiences with the site, and the company is very keen to resolve any issues, albeit in a slightly unprofessional way. I think that they may be working beyond capacity and clearly can't guarantee the service advertised on their website.

    If you do use Light in the Box, I would recommend that you pay through paypal (and get an account on there rather than just using it to pay as a one off) so that it's easier to follow up your payment and get a refund, and leave at least 3 months before any special event you were planning to wear the dress for in case there are any delays and save yourself some stress.

    As some people on this thread have suggested, if you're in the UK it might be worth ordering a ready made dress from a US site rather than one made to order from China. I found a really good deal with an American company after my order with Light in the Box fell through, and paid only £20 for delivery which took just three days. Sometimes it's just better to have the peace of mind that you're dealing with a 100% reliable company with a good track record with customer service.
  • I have ordered both my wedding dress and bridesmaids dress from Lightinthebox and could not be happier!!!! i got both made to measure(with my mum taking the measurements for us.)

    The quality of material is NOT an issue! they are both perfect quality!

    Couldn't have asked for better quality or a better price both came in at £200( for the 2 not each!)
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Forumite
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    This is going to grate on me, but one of my clients ordered her B/M from LITB. They were actually very nice!!!
    As I was saying to a lady today. It's a gamble. There are good and there are bad, you got to be prepared to take the risk and that risk is loosing a shed load of money when you have to go elsewhere to rectify a problem should one occur, and they do!!
  • ellay864ellay864 Forumite
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    I can almost hear you saying that first bit through gritted teeth :rotfl::rotfl:
  • Watch out for this company they don't make it clear that you have to pay all import duties on the good when they arrive which was over 50% of the cost of the order so it would have been cheaper to get it from the UK in the end
  • lindaatno9lindaatno9 Forumite
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    ellay864 wrote: »
    I can almost hear you saying that first bit through gritted teeth :rotfl::rotfl:

    Oh yes!!!;)
  • I ordered a dress from LITB back in January and was really happy with the quality so decided to buy another for my work summer ball.

    It came a couple of weeks ago and was really badly made, the front was longer than the back, it was frayed in places, hadn't been hemmed - absolutely awful.

    I let them know about this and they said they required photo's - a day later they sent me a message saying if I hadn't replied to theiremail within 48 hours they would close my enquiry. I sent an email that same day with photos - no repsonse.

    I then sent another chaser email about 2 days later - again nothing and they've closed my enquiry.

    I submitted another enquiry - again no response. I then tried to submit a review which was truthful but not rude in any way - you won't be surprised to hear it hasn't made it onto their page as they apparently only post positive reviews full of praise.

    I'm massively disappointed as I would have been a very good customer and am now stuck with a £125 quid dress which I can't wear.

    Do not buy - you might be lucky once.....
  • Former_MSE_AndreaFormer_MSE_Andrea Former MSE
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    Lightinthebox has asked us to post a response. MSE doesn't endorse anything a company may say on the forum.

    Dear Customers,

    We are terribly sorry for all the inconvenience you have experienced while shopping at We very much value your feedback as it helps us work on improving our products and service.

    For customers with pending issues, please contact our Customer Service team and they will promptly help you. Please follow this link to read more about how to contact Customer Service:

    Once you have logged into our system, you may submit a ticket with your request to our Customer Service team. Should you need more help, you can reply to Customer Service under their answer to the ticket in question and they will get back to you as soon as possible.

    More information on custom taxes and other frequently asked questions is also available on our site:

    Thank you for your patience.

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