MSE News: Scottish Power to hike energy prices

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    This has thrown a spanner in the works, I'm coming off of e.on fixonline v8, and based on my usage I would be better off on scottish powers online energy saver 14, which won't be affected by the price increases. However, reading through scottish powers press release 'ScottishPower today also announced the launch of its new ScottishPower Direct - October 2012 Offer, the cheapest online product currently available', however none of the links from their website work, so i am unable to obtain the prices?! Doesn't fill me with confidence that they have just made a major press announcement and none of the links relating to one of there 'headline' tarrifs work!

    Does anyone have the prices for the above tarrif?!

    EDIT: Am i also right to believe that if scottish powers energy saver 14 is unaffected by the price rises then e.on save online v7 will be unaffected when they inevitably increase prices (e.on come out second on price for me, and I'd prefer to stay with them to be honest)!
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    jj_jj wrote: »
    I seem to recall hearing that the exit fee would have to be refunded if you were leaving because of a unilateral contract variation (price rise in this case) if you notified your supplier and left within the stipulated period.

    I'd stand to be corrected, but I thought that was the case.
    I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to know what the customer's position is WRT this. Do those who are on a non-fixed deal simply have to swallow a rise, however much the prices rise... or is there indeed an opt-out if SP (or any other supplier, of course) change the prices?

    If so, what is the "stipulated period"?

    Cheers Jon
  • Hi

    I was trying to decide which online EDF tariff to switch to either Fixed price 2014 or Online [email protected] Version 12, after going through the switching procedure.

    But I was tempted today to sign up for M&S Energy. They are offering £30 in vouchers on sign up and £80 from my fuel bills in December and further vouchers after 12 months. They are not fixed rates however, but their prices per kWh seem good and no tie in either.

    Confused now and need to make a decision in a few days.

    Need a crystal ball now , whether to take the M&S incentives now or fix with EDF.

    Decisions, decisions.
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    I'm currently on the basic Online tarriff from SP as a 12th hour opt out on the last possible day from that whole mess that was contract opt out stuff, so I'm sitting still until end of August to drop onto the best tariff for the winter months so I dont get gazumped by jumping on to a contract tariff too early, there's no wonder people who arent on top of this stuff get taken for a ride
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    i'm on the platinum fix deal with scottish power. yeah the unit rates are slightly higher but you get the boiler cover included. fixed until 2014.

    bitting the bullet now for you guys would be best choice, i'm predicting all other suppliers to follow suit the next 7-10 days, mind they need to give 30 calender days before the introduction of the increase.
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    At what point can we re-open the coal mines? We had at least 200 years of coal reserves until various idiots of all political persuasions screwed it up.
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    According to this link:
    OES14 tarrif is not affected by the price changes. Does that mean that the OES14 prices are not going up at all for the duration of the traffif? Or does it mean its not affected this time but it could be affected if/when SP up their prices next year?
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    Ole 14 is not affected along with all fixed or capped rate tariffs
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    steven88 wrote: »
    Ole 14 is not affected along with all fixed or capped rate tariffs

    OES14 is discounted, not fixed or capped
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    Chiddles wrote: »
    OES14 is discounted, not fixed or capped
    OLE 14 is discounted but for some reason they cant change that tariff. Pay In Advance is also gone. Discounted Energy March 2013 gone!

    If your on a variable tariff now. SWITCH SWITCH SWITCH to a FIX FIX FIX..... Cant be more simple!

    OLE 14 will eventually get an increase one way or another but your choice if you wanna stay on that tariff.
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