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  • I use two separate wallets in my hand bag in the UK. One holds credits cards, debit card, donor cards and important medical info. The other holds loyalty cards, library cards, etc. So I can just grab the "money" one if I'm taking a smaller handbag to go out.
    I keep my EHIC, travel insurance and suchlike in my passport wallet.
    #just to be different#
  • Just wanted to butt in - better late than never! I do carry loyalty cards in the US, probably more than I do here.
    One is for a supermarket chain because some goods on the shelves have two prices, the lower one for members like the Ikea card here. Another is for a health food and vitamin chain that, again, has special offers for members and also gives points that result in discount coupons coming in the post for next time. Then, of course, there are the hotel loyalty cards that give you a free stay with your points and the casino players club cards for Las Vegas and also the airline frequent flyer club cards.
    No wonder my handbag weighs a ton!
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    beaker141 wrote: »
    I also tend to keep my driving licence there, because I forgot to take it one year and had to wait several hours to get a copy faxed before they would let me take the hire car !!!

    If you have an online email account, eg with Gmail, you can email yourself a copy of essential documents like driving license and passport before you set off. Then you can retrieve them from anywhere with internet access, in case of emergency.. much safer than keeping such details on your person.

    Edited to add: I have had a Saga credit card for some years, and it has been excellent in every way. The staff are friendly and helpful, the conversion rates are amongst the very best. No fees at all for anything except a modest fee for overseas cash withdrawals, separately itemised on the statement, the combined total still extremely competitive. Credit to them..
    If what I said helped you, please "Thank" the relevant post. It cheers me up somewhat..
  • I don't have a separate one, but I just take the carp out of my daily wallet and leave in:
    • Nationwide Visa Classic
    • Nationwide Visa Debit
    • Now I'll add my bmi Amex (that's based on a Martin recommendation)
    I don't have an Abbey Zero card, and it'll be a while before I apply for another credit card since I've had the bmi one since March

    I tend to take an extra travel documents wallet I bought from our local TJ Hughes a few years ago for (I think) a fiver, and I put all my tickets, insurance and other papers in there.

    Thanks for the chuckle!
    I keep all my foreign currency when I come home- even if you have just a few coins left they often come in handy.
    I always take copies of insurance, passport etc as they have come in handy in the past in some of the (former) eastern bloc countries.
    I do have a rather stylish Orla Kiely wallet but no way will I be pulling that out abroad, especially as it's as big as a clutch...
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    We use Santander Zero and PO credit cards. HOWEVER we have been in the habit of loading the PO card with cash before we go so that we don't pay interest on cash withdrawals, a couple of months ago we had new T&Cs which stated that we couldn't have a positive balance on the card. Does anyone know whether this applies to all cards now or just the PO one, we're off to USA soon so need an answer about the Zero card - their customer 'help' line is hopeless!
    We also have EHIC for EU and separate health insurance. We never change back any leftover Euros, always keep them for the next trip.
  • I too have an oversea's wallet. I used to use the Nationwide Debit card until last year when they ceased doing the zero overseas cash withdrawels.

    I've just applied for a Sainsburys Gold Card to get the added benefit of annual travel insurance. I asked if I could "load" the card so I wouldn't forget to pay the bill on my return but was told that this would freeze/block the card and I wouldn't be able to use it. Not something you need when on hols. But at least it's interest and fee free so as long as you pay it as soon as you return it's all good.
  • Used to use Nationwide CC. We have recently transferred to Santander Zero current account which has no loading for foreign transactions.

    As as we live in Northern Ireland we would quite often be "over the border" so have a small supply of Euros to hand all the time.

    Also have a some dollars left from last trip to USA which we are holding onto for next trip.
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    I always take my Boots Advantage Card, so that I can get points and 10% off(over 60s health club), for anything I buy at the Boots airport shops.
  • My plastic driving licence is kept permanently in my travel wallet next to my Nationwide credit & debit cards - in Spain they always ask for photo ID when you use cards in shops, and I never keep my passport in my bag. Also EHIC card, foreign postage stamps, my login details for the internet cafe we use. And we have a travel folder which goes in the car with us everywhere abroad. It has the travel insurance and photocopies of our birth/marriage certificates, passports, latest medical and optical prescriptions, plus details of all the medication we are on and why - if you have to visit a foreign GP or hospital, they really appreciate this info.
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    I also keep a photocopy of my passport - pic and number. I've been able to go off cruise ships and use it rather than carry my passport with me, and it could come in useful if I ever do lose my passport.
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