Do not login to A&L this morning - HACKED

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    I bank online with alliance& leicester / santander and ive discovered today that three to four thousand pounds has been taken from my account and transferred without my knowing to a person named singh , apparently someone with a name ive never heard of has made themself an official user of my online business account and has made the transfer to them (noone has had access to my details but me ), i am now overdrawn and my business disrupted with a frozen account, my attention only alerted when a credit card was declined. santander say theyll inform the fraud section and ill hear back in 3-5 days .

    I hope you get this fraud case dealt with quickly, A & L seemed to be reasonably ok before Santander took over.

    I had my debit card blocked and being overseas I could not get it sorted quickly. I finally decided to clear out all my cash by balance transfers @ £10k per day. Seemed I did this just in time, makes you wonder are any banks safe out there?
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