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my daughter has just got engaged, but hasnt set a date for the wedding yet. how soon before the date should she start planning and getting prices.


  • Congratulations! :beer:

    I arranged our wedding (a fairly big church traditional etc) in just over a year. You can be busy initially busy deciding dates and choosing church or civil ceremony and then once they are sorted and booked everything else can be decided and booked. With us there was a lull for at least 6 months cos most things dont need paying for until 6 weeks before the wedding, so we booked things in April/May time like flowers, dress, venue, church. Then it was full steam ahead after xmas booking mens suits, shoes, underwear, favours, honeymoon,

    We were married May last yr.

    Please let me know if i can be of any further help.
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  • congratulations to you too
    thanks for your reply - will keep it in mind
  • I am getting married August 08, got engaged september just past. We have booked the church and the reception, but i was really upset in the beginning because the first four reception places that we tried and that i wanted were fully booked for all fridays and saturdays from june till october!!!!! so this really shocked me.

    So it all really depends on if there is somewhere you want, or if it has to be during a certain time. Ours had to be during the summer holidays as i am a teacher and had to be on a saturday so people could travel over from london to ireland, so have a think about the date roughly. But alot of people that i have spoken to on the wed that are getting married around the same time have most things booked, even their wedding dresses etc on order...none of these are things that i have done yet..will leave it for a while, but looking for photographer at the moment as photographer, florists, cars etc will just do one wedding per might need booking. Hope this helps..let me know if you need more info, good luck!
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    I am planning my wedding now for Feb 2010.

    The sooner you start the more research you can do and the better deals you can get : )
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    I got married in 2004 (got engaged in 2001). We booked the church and reception venue 18 months before and only just managed to get the reception venue, they had a call the week after we booked from someone else wanting the date we had. Really the earlier you want things the better. My Mum works in a stately home that does weddings and they are booked up in the summer months for the next 2 years already.

    Basically the earlier you can book things the better. The things that need booking early are church / ceremony venue, reception venue, photographer, videographer and florist.

    I left my dress shopping too late, really ideally you should order the dress about 8-10 months before wedding. I left mine until 6 months before. I still got it, but had to do fitting sessions in a bit of a hurry.

    Anyway good luck and enjoy it.
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    Planned mine in three weeks! Married in Registry office, reception and a local restaraunt evening at my parents! Got dress suits rings etc all done in that time! Married by the end of the three weeks, best day ever!

    Depends on how big etc anything is possible!
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    Main thing... what venue do they want :) I'm arranging mine for next year in May - and already some of the main venues have several bookings for that period ;)
    You can do it in a few weeks if it's going to be a small affair but I'd start thinking about it at least a year in advance... Deciding on budget and who pays what etc firstly then pick a venue in line with the budget :)
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  • I would agree with Tine. It is the venues that get booked up so I would suggest looking at that first. The other stuff is less of a worry.
    Congratulations to you and your daughter!
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