Solor pv aurora pvi 2000 inverter monitoring

i have the aurora pvi 2000 inverter fitted to my system and i am trying to do remote monitoring. i have a RS232 converted to USB which i trailed down to my PC i managed to get this working, however this was not ideal as USB cable was trailing down through the loft hatch, so i put the cable through a void down to my media center conected it all up added the software but the media center dosen't recognise the inverter.
has any one on here managed to get this working? i am running windows 7


  • davekimberdavekimber Forumite
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    No I have the same problem been on to power-one website and tried the driver available there but still no good. Im running W7 Pro and have a 2008 R2 server.

    Am now looking into RS232 to lan convertor to see if that works.

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