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    we was told dms were not allowed to do any issues on any agents books watsoever....and taff64 being a dm is this correct or not???? and welcome to the other newbies what area are you from?? im norfolk
    dms are allowed to issue its part of our job , especially with newer agents, tho i agree whole heartidly that changes should be made. you shouldnt lose (or gain) on issue you havent done , mnd you i havent had an agent complain when they get paid for any refinance i do for them
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    Joshua_W wrote: »
    Provident own Vanquis, which is doing very well at the moment it seems, so they don't need to make alternative payment methods for our customers as our customers ( generally speaking ) need a weekly visit to pay regularly.

    These £5/£10 deductions are simply a way to further reduce Agents earnings. They've already cut the % commission rate to 6% for arrears customers, plus I got charged £15 for a free money advice write off this week.

    With petrol prices going through the roof, less commission, VAT, gas/electric etc etc I need to reduce my costs also.

    When customers wanted their loan mid-week I'd happily go out and do it...not now. I'll be doing loans whilst out collecting on my collecting days.

    These charges should be applied to the customer if they go into arrears, not the Agents.... I guess Agents are the easy target for Provident.

    We are the face of Provident on the doorstep....and it now snarls.

    The problem is customers have signed an agreement stating no extra charges will be added unless the account goes to court:mad:
  • I don't work for the Provident but have been following this blog with interest.
    I notice that there has been 477 comments posted, and given that a fair few of you have left more than one comment then I would think it fair to say an educated guess would show approximatly 350 persons have voiced an opinion on here.
    That's 350 out of 11,000 of you?

    The following is cut and pasted from I suggest youguy because he is willing to do something about it and not just whinge about it:

    My name is Dean Lacey. I work out of the Leeds Branch. Although my losses are minimal so far it is an inherently flawed and immoral system. Stop talking and send me your e-mail and phone numbers, I am going to take action however it will only work if we do it together and in unison. It will take a couple of weeks to get organised but we need to do it quickly. If we can get the backing of about 200 agents and I can get the agreement of 90% of them, we can do something. I have already e-mailed the company and it looks as though you are as annoyed as I am. Do something then and do it now! Send me your contact details. My aims will be be 1) Reinstate all lost commissions and 2)Throw this ridiculous “potty” idea in the bin. Please contact me, we need to do this ourselves, no-one else will do it for us. [email protected]
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    No dm should be doing issue on an agents book because it compromises the self employed status of the agent. If you contact you field support risk team they will confirm this. Unfortunatly the company have not been clear on it's policies and there are still some shady areas on some issues.
    WRONG !! if a customer phones requesting a loan on a non collect day the DM will not compromise self employed status by doing the issue
  • I would think that if you have been told not to go in until you have your 'TARGETS' (I hope HMRC are paying attention) then I would not set foot in providents door until they phone you and ask where you are! They need those books paid in asap and someone higher up will be kicking your am A--. Remember this is bonus week for all dm,am,rom and dom's and we all know how much they hate to lose money. Its ok for us to lose just not them. As was suggested in earlier posts why not miss those damn targets by £500 pw and then they cant make bonus. I know this sounds terrible but I hope there are lots of agents pack in this week and watch them squirm as they cannot collect it all, then watch your dm go off with a sick line for stress lol.
    How much do you think a DM earns with all these massive bonuses :rotfl: mine earns less than 15k.
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    we are being given an A4 print out of deductions and wins as it isnt running properly on our clip!! have been told to ignore what clip says as is wrong and go off sheet.....anyone having this problem?

    these arrear stages are based on a 12 week scale so surely we should be given payment details of the last 12 weeks and not 5 so that we can see which payments are due to drop out and make the customers stage drop or increase??
    Yes its called a focus print.
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    Just out of interest - my husband took his paperwork back in today after quitting last week and was greeted with utter disdain, probably because he's mucked up his manager's bonus - but as yet he hasn't even been given the paltry £17 that he was left with after the deductions were made last week so is that not a genuine case of witholding his wages?????

    we have e mailed Watchdog and also the 'contact us' section on the pfg website. I myself have a loan with them, and because they haven't sent an agent out to cover what was his round they have pushed me into my first week of arrears. ALL of his customers have been calling him over the weekend to say that no one has collected from them..... his manager said this morning that the agent that she gave his clip to brought in £1800 - we know that that would be from one settlement and top up loan - she didn't want to know that 3 more customers wanted new loans so she's lost out there. And I know that £17 isn't a lot of money but with a 3 year old in our house and now no income coming in until next wednesday from me, it would have gone quite a long way. I'm resisting the urge to phone the office and ask Judith to send his wages out by first class post before I turn up there myself and demand repayment of hs deductions under the Employment Act 1972.
    Really P****d off of Portsmouth
    To anyone in here considering quitting this very nasty company I would suggest you pick up your pack, cash your float cheque, take your commissions and hand pack in telling them to stick it where the sun dont shine. They will take weeks to give you your money as they will feel you have dropped them in it/lost them their bonus this month. They will say they need to do a book check and will probably end up shorting you!
  • i have been deducted £70 this week. picking up a commision of £160 . less petrol phone ect , my actual wage will be £70 . . i have tried my damn hardest to collect the payments provident require and it has been impossible .. my customers are not financially able to pay these amounts, for one reason or another . they have paid what they can afford, not missed .. .. i feel so dispondent , have just spoken to my dm... who is totally with us agents in disagreeing with this pot system.. but he cant be seen to be agreeing with us ..says the am .. couldnt care less , as he is in for big bonuses,, this seems to be what the whole thing is about, aparently......... well . i have voiced my concerns and explained i cant financially keep working for provident if this is going to be my income .not financially viable. pot system .. well aint that right , because if this does carry on , provident will go to POT ... if 50% of agents leave , how will they recruit new agents once they realise they will be deducted half there wages, new agents wont last 5 minutes . provident going to POT .......

    If the AM gets bonus the DM will get bonus because it is office based, stop talking crap and concentarte on Fresh Start and GASA and Provident Direct its a real shame when you have to actually work for your money i am quids in so far bring it on.
  • How much do you think a DM earns with all these massive bonuses :rotfl: mine earns less than 15k.
    Listen matey I know a few DM's and are all on at LEAST 20k basic, with bonuses added salary upto around 28k+...... Dont feel sorry for any DM in here trying to plead poverty and say they need those bonuses to survive as they do ok .
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    How much do you think a DM earns with all these massive bonuses :rotfl: mine earns less than 15k.

    somebody is telling porkies!:rotfl:
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