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Skype no longer works on 3 Skypephone...

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Skype no longer works on 3 Skypephone...

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Geiger_2Geiger_2 Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Mobiles
and other older non-android phones. Bit ironic, eh? No Skype on a Skypephone.

Basically, it appears that the iSkoot platform which 3 uses to provide Skype to these older phones has been shut down - no warning from 3 to customers.

The first thing I knew of it was when I got a message on signing in to Skype to upgrade - when I attempted this I got sent to a webpage which stated that I couldn't upgrade on my phone, and to contact 3 to find out which handsets still offered Skype.

On ringing, I was offered the opportunity to "upgrade early" to one of these... but only at an additional monthly cost to compensate for the remaining 13 months of my existing contract.

In addition, I was informed that using Skype would no longer be 'free' as such, but taken from my monthly mobile internet allowance.

Seeing as I signed up to 3 in the first place because of its Skype provision, I'm rather miffed about all this. What happened to 3's 'Free Skype for Life' promise???

Strangely, Skype doesn't seem to have stopped working on all Skypephones at the same time... mine stopped working on April 26; a friend with a Skypephone still has it working on his; but a quick Google suggests that some stopped working as early as April 1.

Apparently the changes also affect Windows Live Messenger on the Skypephone (and other handsets) as well, but I don't use that.

3 appear to be fully aware of the problem but not willing to compensate Skypephone users for the loss of the Skype service. Considering their previous heavy promotion of Skype - and the Skypephone - this really doesn't seem right.

Anyone else in the same boat as me?


  • jnm21jnm21 Forumite
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    Sounds like a change to terms to me - say you want to cancel free of penalty as they have increased the cost (free to £? per Mb) - if they say no, ask for details of their ADR (alternate dispute resolution) details - by OFCOM regs, they must have one. If they refuse to give details mention OFCOM & see if they move - possibly try going in store to see if they are more help than the forgetful/confused/non-english speaking/lying person you may have talked to on the phone (funnily they forgot one of two conversations I had with them - the one where they took my 30 days notice).
    Certain OTT members have caused me to add this disclaimer: all advice given is free of charge & as such should be taken to be IIRC (as I don't spend hours researching all answers :eek: )!
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    hackeronhackeron Forumite
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    This is disgusting!

    A few family members and friends invested in skyphones to be able to talk to eachother because of the "Free Skype for Life" promise. 2 of the 5 phones stopped working, the other 3 are still working but god knows for how long.

    I just see a message "Sorry, this version of Skype no longer works. Click here to see if there is an upgrade available for your phone" - no option is offered to actually "Click Here" on the phones which are the "3 Skypephone S2" models.

    It has been months since we got the handsets so the reseller (WHSmith) will not grant a refund. I hope Three do something about this.

    First they installed malicious software so Skype is killed 15 minutes after launch on their ZTE handset and now they are killing Skype altogether :mad:
  • MarkBargainMarkBargain Forumite
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    It was only a couple of years ago that "free calls for life" were advertised heavily by Three online, in newspapers, on London Underground etc. You can still see the adverts if you look on Google images. To read that they have seemingly renaged on this already is disgusting. Perhaps someone with legal knowledge could take them to court, as surely phones/contracts were purchased on the basis of free calls forever?! One for BBC Watchdog perhaps?
  • barjam_2barjam_2 Forumite
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    i have a skypephone a and a ztef102 on '3' and they both have skype , they both still work i've just checked them

    do you think its just a matter of time
  • Geiger_2Geiger_2 Forumite
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    I reckon so - my friend's Skypephone is still working as of today. He never switches it off, but it does log itself out occasionally - he's just praying it doesn't, as that might be the point when he gets the dreaded "upgrade" message!

    I have already contacted Watchdog (and Ofcom), but I fear the fact that not all the handsets have stopped working at the same time may prevent a mass outcry which would get their attention. I've also messaged MSE's newsdesk - I think this is something Martin L should be interested in, as he has previously championed the Skypephone in his 'cheap calls' articles and mail-outs.

    I also put a complaint in to Skype itself, but they got back to me saying "not our problem, ask 3". They're probably right, but this is a product that they've put their name to, so it doesn't reflect well on them!

    So, currently waiting to hear back from 3 customer services, Watchdog (you never know)! MSE and Ofcom...
  • reduxredux Forumite
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    geiger wrote: »
    I also put a complaint in to Skype itself, but they got back to me saying "not our problem, ask 3". They're probably right, but this is a product that they've put their name to, so it doesn't reflect well on them!

    So, currently waiting to hear back from 3 customer services, Watchdog (you never know)! MSE and Ofcom...

    Well, Skype say ask 3, and 3 say ask Skype, as the mobile client is down to Skype

    Basically, the arrangement between Skype and iSkoot has ended, where iSkoot was actually the provider of the software.

    There are new versions for some but not all phones.

    When I asked 3 about this about a month ago, about the client on my Nokia 6120, they tried to sell me an 18 month contract and I said if they started one I'd repudiate it and we'd end up in court.

    The new version sort of works on that N 6120 phone, but not as well as it ought to, as one of the access numbers it calls isn't recognised by 3, which really proves to me that these 2 partner companies aren't very good at talking to each other
  • Geiger_2Geiger_2 Forumite
    7 posts
    As far as I can tell, of the phones now offered by 3, only the Samsung Galaxy S comes with Skype pre-loaded. I'd be reasonable happy if they offered me the £30pm contract on that offered on their website to new customers, but I don't see why I should pay an extra £12pm for the remainder of my existing contract.

    I previously had a Nokia phone on 3 (can't remember which model), but it kept logging Skype out. The Skypephone was so reliable with Skype (until now) - I loved it for that. The Inq phones were good with Skype as well, just a pity they were a bit pants with everything else!
  • mrochestermrochester Forumite
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    So basically what appears to be happening is this:

    3 phones use the iSkoot client to login to Skype.

    The iSkoot client ceased development in Jan 2011.

    Skype now require you to update to a never software version to be able to use their service.

    This new software version isn't available because iSkoot has stopped development.

    3 phones that rely on iSkoot are now snookered.
  • reduxredux Forumite
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    Something like that, or my understanding would be

    The contract with iSkoot and Skype seems to have ended, for whatever reason I don't know, and Skype is forcing updates on some phones to use a replacement which they seem to have written themselves (according to the copyright in the program's About comments on my Nokia). They aren't doing it on all phones though, and neither 3 customer services nor Skype are much help with this in the past few weeks.

    3's marketing slogan free Skype calls for life looks rather in question at the moment, if it's conditional on them trying to sell a new phone and a contract at random and short notice.
  • 1pds1pds Forumite
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    My PAYG "Free Skype for Life" Three Skypephone S2 has also stopped providing a Skype service. When I called Three, I was told I had to buy a new phone to continue getting Skype. Does anyone know if the Office of Fair Trading might provide a avenue to nudge Three into finding a solution?
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