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'Nando's – the worst designed public toilet I've ever seen' blog discussion



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    deeplyblue wrote: »
    Friend visiting Belfast swore that he saw a sign pointing to the "Disabled Toilet", complete with wheelchair sign. Said toilet down 2 steps.

    If it was down two steps it sounds like a genuinely disabled toilet. Now, if a wheelchair user could get into it via level ground, it might have been called an accessible toilet instead!
  • madmish00 wrote: »
    You just need to adopt the 'hover' technique.

    If we women can do it in stiletto heels with our handbag in our hand after a few glasses of vino I'm sure men could manage! I mean have you seen the toilets in most clubs. Ick!

    Yes, but how do you think the pee got there....????? Everyone was hovering!
    Tippytoes wrote: »
    Never in a million years would I sit on a public toilet seat before wiping it, then covering it with paper.

    Yikes! Think hot, sweaty bodies, skin cell deposits (and a lot worse) - gets onto your body, then onto your clothes, then into your car, then travels back to your home. Yuk, yuk, yuk.

    Once used an amazing loo overseas. Flushed, then there was this whirring sound, then a cling film type "sleeve" shot out from the back of the loo and completely covered the seat. Frightened me half to death, but what a smart idea. Every user gets a "new" seat.
    luxor4t wrote: »
    My mother taught me very early NEVER sit on a public toilet seat!

    [sigh] If we all just SAT on the seat, which is what it's designed for, the thing would be clean without tons of extra waste ('thrones' of paper, plastic films) being pumped into our sewage system/our seas. All this is unnecessary. And it's not 'dainty' or 'hygienic' to hover over a loo seat, spraying pee on it for the next user (yes, that's how most of it gets there - try peeing on the seat while sitting on it and you'll see what I mean!). I'm reliably informed that men can pee sitting down, and in some cultures this is the usual way, so there's no reason, apart from the custom of standing up (and laziness about aim) why men's toilets should be swimming in p***, either. You're not very likely to catch anything by resting your bum where someone else has had their bum...nothing you can't catch by handling door knobs, money, stair rails...the turnstile leading out of the toilets...whatever...but then we could always try washing our hands, all over, in soap, instead of just dipping them under the cold tap because 'soap is so drying to the skin'. I see lots of women in public loos doing this - yuck. If you sit down (wipe the seat first if need be) then wash your hands, you reduce the problem instead of contributing to it.
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    lol. bad design choice, though I think I can top it. The gents toilet in pizza hut, the fort shopping center glasgow. Didnt take pic, well cause... well its a bit weird t photo urinals when people are in there...

    You walk in, there is one stall opposite the door, then a row of urinals beside it. no wait those arent urinals those are the sinks, behid the door opposite them is the urinals, which are almost the same shape as the sinks opposite, at the same level and if you walk in the sinks are the first thing you see beside the stall, and if you were, shall we say in a hurry, or a little kiddy, mistakes could easily be made.
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  • My other half went to a pub where the ladies had one cubicle with two toilets in. Can't understand the reason for that. I mean, I know women always go to the loo in pairs, but still...
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