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    Mac Donalds tend to have bad loos because for some reason, the doors on the cubicles are always REALLY low. That reminds me of the US, visit to Kentucky, everyone in the US must be short. Being 6ft 4in and visiting the gents in the library at Northern Kentucky Uni would be a nightmare if you needed the cubical. The whole cubicle, walls and doors were really low. So anyone standing at the urinal next to it could look over the wall edge and you sitting on it.

    And the cubicles at Chicago airport. Although they had proper high doors and walls, there was about an inch gap between the door and the frame. Meaning anyone walking past could just peep in the gap to see if the loo was busy.

    What the hell is that all about?
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    Percy1983 wrote: »
    True I would stay away from all public handles and rails, and I most certainly wouldn't touch those buttons on the cash machine.
    That's what anti-bac gel in your bag is for - your hands - after touching door handles and bus handles and public toilets :). Hi to the fellow germ-phobics - out and proud :wave:.

    (btw - Nandos toilet looks ok by the standard of most TRAIN toilets which are ALWAYS minging/flooded/stenchy.

    Oh and finally - to those who leave the toilet without washing your hands :eek: (you know who you are) - shame on you!!!!!
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    this is def' one of the funniest thread i've ever read. :D

    i always have anti-bac' spray/gel and tissues in my handbag.

    i hate using any public toilet, i avoid it, but sometimes you have to.

    i hate it when the toilet seat is too small for the toilet bowl or for some reason the seat is wonky to one side of the toilet bowl.

    small toilet cubicles are a nightmare. how is anyone ment to get in/out without falling in the toilet!
    not to mention toilets that wont flush.

    it's not only touching the toilet or seat that are gross. it's also the flush, taps and hand-dryer that have God knows what on.:eek:
    i'm greatful when i use a pubic toilet that has a flush you don't have to touch...you just wave at it, LOL.

    when i went to america last year all the public toilets, taps and hand-dryers were automatic. you didn't need to touch any of it.
    no matter if it was a very busy, huge store or a single toilet in a garage, all the toilets were spotless. :D
  • geriann: Yes - America has the best ideas about toilets!
    My worst nightmare is sitting on a loose public loo seat and it slips and you end up sitting on the ceramic toilet rim :eek::eek::eek::rotfl:. And I NEVER sit on a public loo seat without coating it in paper :rotfl:. How embarrassing to admit this - ssssh don't tell anyone :o!
    EDIT: Oh and also gross in Ladies toilets: those 'sanitary' bins when they are squashed in tiny cubicles right next to the toilet pressing against you lol. Don't get me started.
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    Nile wrote: »
    The toilets in Miami airport are like that.

    The worst toilet experience (for me) is needing to go to the loo when you're on an all day boat trip..........on a small boat in choppy seas. Everything is fine when you're up on deck with fresh air and a horizon to see.

    Venture below deck and squeeze into the tiny toilet cubicle, with the boat rocking and rolling...............and you might find yourself needed the loo for both ends.:o

    Oh yes, I know what you mean there that's for sure. And because so many people have chucked up the toilets don't flush and their is puke everywhere....bleugh.

    If you can find a clean toilet you have to do the balancity thing, where you have to try and not roll off the toilet :rotfl: as it goes to the left, goes to the right, and up and down. That's like an experience, don't want to try it worse than a force 9.
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    The loos I hate are those that are so small you have to climb onto the seat to close the door, or squeeze round the side of it to save getting a knee injury. Then once you're safely sqashed into the tiny space you get a crick in your neck when you attempt to hover whilst holding your trousers out of the way of the soggy floor and the toilet bowl at the same time.

    Top tip - always check the loo roll situation before squatting!
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    Favourite example of toilet design is the famous Amsterdam urinals. There's a splendid pic on the New York Times site showing a painted fly on the inside of a urinal. The Times explains
    THE flies in the men’s-room urinals of the Amsterdam airport have been enshrined in the academic literature on economics and psychology. The flies — images of flies, actually — were etched in the porcelain near the urinal drains in an experiment in human behavior.


    After the flies were added, “spillage” on the men’s-room floor fell by 80 percent.
    I haven't seen such things advertised here - yet.

    For pic (which I presume I can't show for copyright reasons) try Googling "flies urinal nudge NYTimes"
  • bargepole wrote: »
    Daughter and I finished our drinks, and sidled out of the back door without a backward glance. She is never going to a public toilet with me again, and I won't ever be going back to Torremolinos market.
    Bad enough in public where you're anonymous. Try coping with that when visiting in-laws where you're not terribly popular.
  • Friend visiting Belfast swore that he saw a sign pointing to the "Disabled Toilet", complete with wheelchair sign. Said toilet down 2 steps.

    Now there's an incentive to miss things. :)
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    The toilet seat broke at work once. Instead of phoning head office and getting them to send the contractor out to replace it, which would of took 24 hours no doubt. We went to Wilkinsons and got a cheap one using petty cash and fitted it ourselves.

    Maybe that's what Nando's did to save time. If it was just the one toilet that is.
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