help i've broken my woodburner

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Good afternoon, last saturday night i was pushing logs into my woodburner and i knocked something just above and it cracked and fell out. My hubby says its to prevent the flames going too high up the chimney, my problem is the woodburner was here when we bought the house, can't find a make on it and it looks probably quite old. I have no idea who to call to fix or get a replacement or should we just buy a new woodburner? Another thing is its wedged into the opening so its very difficult to get to, any ideas very welcome, thanks Jess...


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    Phone round a couple of chimney sweeps, see what they say, you might get one in to identify the woodburner, our sweep knows just about everyone on the market (he's seen them all).

    Usually there is a plate in the top which deflects the flame. it usually comes out to enable the chimney to be swept through the burner without having to remove the whole unit.

    Failing the sweep method, take a photo and take it into a proper fireplace shop, they should be able to help and may be able to get the spares for you.

    Woodburners dont come cheap so its worth persuing a repair.
  • Thank you for the suggestions Snow Dog, i will definately give our sweep a ring.
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