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  • It could have been worse. It might have been plain brown.
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    Probably done on purpose so you can't tell if it's mucky YUK, like when herbs are sprinkled on salad it would be more difficult to spot a small bug on the lettuce.
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    I've never been to Nando's, but Martin's comment made me reply...

    The last time Nando's was mentioned to me was when one of my customers said that their son had (how can I put this ?) been visiting the toilet on a very regular basis since his meal at Nando's.
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    then he might not handle spicy food very well or may not have been well to begin with

    i'm a nandos regular and have never been ill from their food
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    Nando's is lush - never used their toilets though.

    What is all this nonsense about hovering or lining the toilet with paper? I wipe the seat if it has p iss on it, otherwise I don't bother. I think the chances of catching anything from a toilet seat are slim!
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    madmish00 wrote: »
    You just need to adopt the 'hover' technique.

    If we women can do it in stiletto heels with our handbag in our hand after a few glasses of vino I'm sure men could manage! I mean have you seen the toilets in most clubs. Ick!

    Sounds too much like multi tasking to me... not possible.
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    Lol! My nandos is epic! I love it. We have regular loo seats though...
  • culpepperculpepper Forumite
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    The worst public loo I have ever come across was in the megabus going from victoria to Aberdeen. There was no flush(broken) and it is a caravan type loo so nothing was going anywhere for a 12 hour trip. To add to the horror, the hand wash thing was also broken so anyone unlucky enough to use it out of desperation was at risk of catching something nasty.

    Unfortunately not a one off incident.
  • cha97michellecha97michelle Forumite
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    It almost looks like an episode of CSI when they use the UV light to look for human fluids. It is not the best looking toilet seat in the world is it, but it did otherwise look like a clean bathroom.

    Wonder if anyone heard Martin taking a photo and was curious what he was up to, and if we need to watch internet gossip sites to see what they think he was up to. ;)
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    Not as bad as the male toilet at a local bar.

    And no I hadn't used it! :rotfl:

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