How to get rid of smell of vomit?

My eldest DD had a sickness bug over the weekend and was sick mainly over the bedroom carpet and some on the bedding.

All the bedding was changed, carpet cleaned with 1001 moose, you can't tell there was ever anything there. I have vacuumed over with a nice smelling shake n vac and I can still smell vomit in the room.

Have checked thoroughly to make sure I haven't missed anything and it's clean, but I can't get rid of the smell!

I have the window open as much as possible, but when I'm out at work all day, this isn't possible.

Any suggestions please?
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    My DH believes that febreze stuff works.

    It certainly lifted the smell into the room.

    It's possibly worth a try; cheaper than hiring a carpet cleaner.
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    Try an enzyme based cleaner. Thats what they use in nursing homes etc. You can get these from pet shops. Instead of masking the smell the enzyme eats any traces of the desposit. It works on soiling so could well work well on vomit.

    If the area is now dry, saturate the problem area and cover with a plastic sheet for a few hours (so it doesnt dry up).

    When you pick the cleaner, make sure it states that it is enzyme based, it will be a few quid more expensive but many times more effective.
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    Baking powder is supposed to be very good at absorbing smells. Also cat litter. I'd leave something like that on the area affected for a little while to absorb the smell before vacuuming up.
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    At one time I spent my life cleaning it up as my daughter seemed to bring things up very quickly. clean it up as best as you can and assuming the area affected is still damp sprinkle on generous amounts of bicarbonate of Soda and leave it over night. I can guarantee you the smell would be gone in the morning. Vacuum the carpet later. lets know how you get on
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    Biological washing powder/liquid has enzymes in it and is often recommended for pet smells etc. try using a solution of that to carefully sponge the floor - if you've got some in the house it'd be cheaper to try that first before buying a more expensive specialist product.
  • BeclesBecles Forumite
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    Neutrodol powder works well. Sprinkle it on the area where she was sick and leave it as long as possible before you hoover it off.

    You can put it on the mattress too if there was any sick on there.
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    get your dog to take a dump on the bed, that will remove the smell of vomit for sure.
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    Bicarb of soda is good for this sort of thing.
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    As above an enzyme type cleaner followed up with an odour neutraliser.

    If you don't use a Hot Water carpet cleaner, some of the vomit will remain and will come back to haunt you!!

    Don't use 1001/Vanish as it'll cause more problems than it's worth!!
  • WantonWanton Forumite
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    Bicarb of soda definately works, I've got a 14 month old and have been saved by it a few times. Think its around a pound from your local co op (or other supermarket), you just sprinkle it over the affected area, leave it a while then hoover it up.
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