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MSE News: Barclays tops banking complaints league table



  • wow that fine of 7 quid must have been a pain for barclays..

    I agree it would be good to see the other end of the scale also.
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    Wow beating Santander:eek:

    I wish Santander would stop paying people to build giant Lego houses and inticing giant dogs to sniff former F1 world champions in Scalextric cars and instead just sort out my current account problems when I have them!
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  • 1 gripe I have with Barclays is the telephone banking, useless, unless you are reporting fraud etc and need a new card etc then they cant understand a word you say.

    Online and branch service is great especially if you visit one of the flagship branches.

    Alot of the complaints appear to be PPI based which I suppose includes barclaycard as well so maybe not a true reflection of UK retail bank alone...
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