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Hi, just wondering on your thoughts whether i should let my H2B see my wedding dress when i finally choose one or does everyone think this is bad luck


  • you can do what you want- no law against it :)

    but i am defo not letting mine see mine- he knows the colour scheme is purple- but he hasnt/wont see the bridesmaid dresses or my dress. and i dont know what he is wearing either- all i know its from moss bro hire.
    he doesnt know how im having my hair either

    for me it is bad luck- but also i want some suprise in it :)
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    What Sammy said - it's up to you.

    If you're not superstitions, then go for it - there's no right or wrong, just depends how traditional / laid back you are.

    Also, why not ask him? Maybe he wants to be surprised...
  • Bride2be24Bride2be24 Forumite
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    Its totally up to you if you want him to see the dress but personally i think its the only thing the groom should never see as it will be more of a surprise for him to see you in it on the day but thats just my opinion. My OH will not be seeing mine, he only has 2 wait another 24 days until he sees it, he has waited 2 years to see it so another 24 days wont make any difference and tbh he has already said he doesnt want to see it until the day. So its totally up to you if you want him to see it. Why dont you ask him to see if he does? x
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    My OH is not going to see mine. I've shown him a few pics of the ones I like to see if he liked them but that's it. I'm having mine made now so it will be different & I want it to be a suprise for him on the day. I will tell him if it's white or ivory & that's it. As we are marrying in Greece, i'm making my Mum carry it as her hand luggage & then getting her to hang it up in their hotel as they are staying in a different place, so no chance of him seeing it:D
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    My OH isn't seeing my dress until the day as I want it to be a surprise. If you want to show your OH your dress then you should do but I like to keep it a surprise.
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    My wedding dress is hanging up in his wardrobe cos I don't have room in mine! I don't see how it could bring bad luck but understand how some women like their dress to be a surprise.
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    I want it to be a surprise though he has got some idea...he knows some of the styles I looked at when getting ideas and he has seen the fabric sample, but after I saw Linda he didnt ask anything else and hasn't seen her sketch (as far as I know unless he's been sneaking around!) There's a certain element to my dress I know he will like but doesn't think I'm having so I'm keeping it quiet.
    Also he has that knack of pulling a face...I know on the day he'd never be anything but happy (he daren't be otherwise!) but if I just showed him something out the blue at home and he didn't immediately leap into raptures about it I'd be wondering what's wrong with it!
  • I'm not letting my H2B see mine, he doesn't want to either.
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    Oh has seen pictures and will see it when it arrives but wont see me in it until the big day
  • Why would you want him to see it??? For his opinion or just because you can't hold your own water :D

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