Previous supplier charges????

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Just wondering if someone could offer some advice.

I have recently moved home to a 3 bed flat in south London. I was previously with British Gas and contacted them months before my move to switch the supply over to the new address. Having been in the new address for a couple of months I rang British Gas to find out what was going on. They had basically mucked up my transfer and said that my electricity was still with NPower who supplied the previous tenants. I was quite annoyed but contacted NPower who said that they would send out a bill.

Well the bill I got from 27th November to 18th January is £254.28 which seems quite excessive. NPower have obviously put me on an expensive tariff although it claims to be Standard Electricty/Payment on Receipt Tariff. The bill is for 2 of us living in a 3 bed flat with one bedroom not in use. The central heating is oven is gas fired and so I can't understand why the bill is so high for 2 months.

Anyway the reason I am writing is that does anyone think i would have any luck speaking to either British Gas to complain that I have to pay high electricity costs because of their error in transferring my tarfiff over, or speaking to NPower and suggesting that I had no choice over what tariff I was on and it being unfairly expensive?

Any opinions more than welcome!

Thanks very much in advance


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    You can't 'switch a supply over' to a new address as you describe. You are in a deemed contract with the existing provider (in this case nPower) from the day you move in. In order to switch to any other provider, you needed to register first with nPower for an account as soon as you moved in, and then commence the switch. The reason that your switch from nPower to BG failed was because you were not registered as a nPower customer in the first place, so nPower would reject it. No fault of BG.
    In a deemed contract you are always on standard tariff, which is the most expensive. Had you registered with nPower, you could have picked your required tariff.
    If you didn't supply an opening reading on day one, then there may be an issue with the billing, as that would be based only on the closing read from the previous tenants.
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    macman wrote: »
    You can't 'switch a supply over' to a new address as you describe.
    On a Change of Tenancy coincident with Change of Supplier I can phone any supplier today and say I want you to supply me a property X from tomorrow. The industry rules for elec allow for this.

    Quoted below are the 2 relevant sections from the Master Registration Agreement:

    15.5 A Valid Application for Registration for the purposes of this Clause 15 is one that:

    15.5.2 is received by the relevant MPAS Provider no later than the last Working Day before the Supply Start Date included in the Supplier’s application under Clause 15.5.1 and no more than 28 days in advance of that date;

    The important bit is the 'no later than the last working day before supply start date'. That means a supplier can send the registation request today with a supply start date of tomorrow.
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    Hi beej71

    Macman's right - when you move into a new property, it is always best to let the current energy supplier know you've moved in as these situations can happen. It’s also best to make sure you take a meter reading the day you move in too - you don't want to be billed for anyone else's electricity.

    Remember, you also have the option to switch your electricity back if you want to. At the moment, it can take, typically, 5 to 6 weeks to change supplier. But over the coming months energy companies will be working to reduce this to as little as 3 weeks (as long as all the information needed to change is there and it's correct so there are no hiccups).

    I hope this helps. If you want us to take a look at your account, just email [email protected].

    Best Wishes
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    Many thanks for the helpful replies, much appreciated
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