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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    WelshWooferWelshWoofer Forumite
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    Been a busy bee this morning and been to Mr S and the greengrocers - spent £8 on fruit and veg and got quite a big bag full of stuff (it is cheaper than supermarkets) and then £39 in Mr S on everything else needed including lots of dog food and household bits.
    So a total of £47 - £2 over my hopeful budget of £45:o

    I think I'm unrealistic these days with how much food costs and need to budget £50 at least instead. I didn't buy any treats, extras or unnecessary things as I'm on a diet and can't afford them either.
    So the whole shop was stuff we needed rather than wanted and still came in over my budget. Luckily, I can afford to spend a little bit extra if we need to but really feel for those that can't and are struggling.
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    Final spend of the month yesterday and total spend for the month has come to £156. Only £6 over which is good as I usually spend £200 a month :j. Bring on April!
    January spend = £100
    Spent =
    saving =
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    Need to add 10.26 to my shop please
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    Hi just dropping in to report another £5.23 spent in L**l and W***rose on Shampoo (Head and Shoulders on offer in L**l - £2.50 for a huge bottle), eggs, avocados and some crinkly chips in W**trose, chosen by youngest who has been poorly all week. I've got to buy some potatoes, carrots, fruit and yoghurts and that might be it until payday on Friday so I might do it!
    It's a beautiful sunny day, I hope you've all got sunshine too.
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    sistercas wrote: »
    the chorizo i bought was from mr T was a 'spanish chorizo ring' £1.97 225g
    when i looked on my [email protected] they had some for a £1 but i couldnt find it
    i will use less than half of the sausage ( and freeze the rest) for this recipe and thats for 4 adults
    (i havent got all the cheeses it asks for either i shall just use chedder)

    will report back later and let you know what its like

    the chicken , chorizo and prawn paella sounds lovely do you havea recipe please
    Thanks for that hun. I'd use about 50g for the two of us then. I look forward to hearing how it turns out :)


    1 Tbs Oil
    40-50g Chorizo, very finely sliced
    200g Chicken Breast, diced
    1 Onion, finely diced
    ½ Tsp Lazy Garlic (or more, depending on preference)
    ½ Red Pepper, diced
    150g Long Grain Rice (I use a 110g Bag Tesco Value Savoury Rice and top it up with 40g Long Grain Rice)
    500ml Chicken Stock
    50g Frozen Peas
    50g Cooked Prawns

    Fry Chorizo for 2 mins over a medium heat and set aside
    Fry Chicken over a high heat until browned all over and set aside
    Fry Onion over a medium heat for 4-5 mins until softened
    Add Pepper & Rice and cook for 1 minute
    Stir in Garlic and Chicken Stock, bring to the boil and simmer for 15 mins, stirring occasionally
    Return Chicken to pan and add Peas and season with Salt & Black Pepper
    Cook for 10 mins stirring frequently until Rice is tender and nearly all the liquid has been absorbed
    Add Chorizo & Prawns to pan and stir in gently
    Cook for 4-5mins until both are heated through

    It isn't a true Paella, and it "cheats" a bit, but it's quick and easy and very tasty :) It's also very filling.
    I normally cook it for just the two of us, but it's one of the few things that I'm able to tempt my DD with now and again.
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  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    thankyou Hippeechiq

    i have saved the recipe in my folder :) i shall look forward to making it, my kids and dh will love it
  • fedupandskintfedupandskint Forumite
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    £19 spent today on weekly shop and £12 in HB on stocking up on cleaning products for the next few months

    Leaves £44 until 27th March when the month ends for payday - should be ok so long as I reign it in next week and don't pick anything up for tea on the way home
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  • Is anyone else having trouble with their "Thanks" button today?
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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Thought I'd pop on an update as I have yet another teabreak!

    The lemon chicken is yum. We've had the chana dal with spinach recipe today instead of tomorrow and had the wings & legs of the chicken with it. Yum.
    ...Funny thing is though, realised why I was having trouble putting the lemon in the 'cavity' earlier...

    I'd put it in the neck end:rotfl:

    That's what happens when you multi task!!:o

    The breast looks yum though as I'd stuffed under the skin with butter, value mixed herbs and lemon zest. Smells fantastic. Gonna have this tomorrow instead of curry now...
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    Anyone else having problems with the T£sco price checker ? It does not seem to be working. Have tried browsing by aisle, by item etc. Is this a ploy to stop us getting our cheap shopping??
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