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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • boysmaboysma Forumite
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    Well i have spent the following the past few days:

    Mr T 3.56
    M & S 4.00
    Mr S 2.00
    L*dl 43.24

    Making a total of 52.80. Added to my total now takes me over my budget again:( Am I setting my target too low perhaps? This is for me, DH, 2 DSs (aged 23 and 13) and a cat. It inlcudes cleaning items, toiletries and alcohol. I have also been shopping more in L*dl than I would have previously and always mean plan so dont see how I can get it much cheaper.

    I still have to go until 28th March too so will need to add at least another 20 quid on top of that. I have shopped around as the reason I went to Mr S was for potato waffles (which my son has for breakfast every morning) as they were 46p cheaper than Mr T.

    Payment A Day £15 (started 17/5/14) :j
  • Thanks sunnyday and M0neysav3r - it's really interesting to find out what other people spend.

    Looks like I have quite some way to go yet though! Don't know how you all spend so little, but I'm looking forward to learning.
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  • slbhillslbhill Forumite
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    Tesc0 last night for my weekly shop, but after buying lots in one go to take advantage of the "double the difference" offer it was only really a top-up shop (£11.51). It helped that I arrived just after the whoopsie fairy and got a bag of clementines for 60p, 4 plums for 10p and 2 packs of lamb steaks for £1.20 each :j

    I shouldn't have got the plums really as I haven't a clue what to do with them :o. I realise they can just be eaten as they are but I'm not actually that keen - but at 10p I thought I could experiment with a recipe or 2. Any suggestions for recipes using plums?? Or are they one of those things that doesn't really cook? They're a kind of yellowy colour, not purple, if that makes any difference!

    Because of vouchers, dates, timings and other complicated things (my brain hurts) I am hoping to come in well under budget this month - it's looking good so far. Next month won't be but them's the breaks :p
  • Boysma - my 2 penny worth is this - you have 3 males who, I assume, are "good" eaters, if you include all your SM shopping - toiletries, cleaning etc then maybe you should just track what you are spending this month and revisit your total next month if needed, and, we have a 5 week month in March so the pennies have to go even further
    HTH - sorry its not much but we all shop differently and include different things in our totals so its hard to give an exact answer ie I now don't include alchohol in my total as it got me all confudled lol

    Helen x
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  • SparklyfairySparklyfairy Forumite
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    Hi everyone! How all are well & looking forward to a nice weekend.....

    Boysma - I was like you - getting really disparaged as I was going over my budget (in my MIND I thought I spent £175/month, but realistically it's £200 for us..) If you pop it up a little (say £5 or so) and see how you go from there. Good luck!

    Ok, I went to Ald! yesterday & spent £20...(which inc 2 bottles of vino & 2 lots of door hook things that really shouldn't be included - but it's too much of a faff to seperate it!). I still have just under £40 to last me & I think I'll be able to do it with no probs...
  • CherryPieCherryPie Forumite
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    quintwins wrote: »
    cornetto engima 4 packs- £2.50 in te$co but £1 in a$da so you get £3 back

    seriously strong cheese is still on

    vanish extra higene is still on aswell i think it's £8.32 or something but £4 in asda

    comfort exherlirations strawberry and lily kiss small bottle is something like £2.20 but £1 in asda

    ainsley cup a soup, wild mushroom or chicken and leek is £1.08 but 50p in asda so you get back £1.16

    mullerlight 6 packs are all on aswell at £2.98 but £1.50 in asda

    Thanks for that. I'll defo buy the cheese, comfort & mullers. Might even manage to convince myself I need the cornettos! :o
    Hippeechiq wrote: »
    now I'm debating whether or not to get 3 Packs of the Chicken Breast Fillets tomorrow :o

    Oh s0d it! I can't pass up 575g of Chicken Breast at £1.99!! - that's just false economy. Week 5 will just have to take it's chances :eek:

    You're right about the false economy bit. I was trying to stay in budget this month. (There's a first for everything!) But why shouldn't I stock up on things I already buy when I'll get money back for them. I know I'm lucky that I can find some spare cash to allow me to do this, not always the case though.

    So, I will not beat myself up over the fact I will go over budget, but will console myself that this scheme must be costing T£sco a fortune!!

    My name is CherryPie and I'm addicted to grocery shopping!!

    Grocery Challenge

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    quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    what chicken fillets? just saw it's lidl, lidl over here don't do as deals her as they seem to do for you lot, they do have pork chops on tomorrow tho, but i have some in my freezer from last time

    i'm way over budget now, but i have loads of food in my house, lots of yummy treats and loads of pepsi so my thinking is i'll just keep stocking up on stuff i can use/have room for til they stop the offer, at that point my shopping will greatly drop for a month or 2 so i'll be quids in :)

    oh and baileys 1 litre in £19.19 per bottle but £10 asda so 81p a bottle :), and the comfort is lovely i've just hung my washing out and it smells lovely :)
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    boysmaboysma Forumite
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    Thanks Helen and Sparklyfairy for your replies.

    Yes they are all good eaters and DH has a really sweet tooth (unlike me:D) though I usually buy chocolate and biscuits from HB or whatever is on offer in sm.

    Mind you hadnt really twigged that it was a five week month so I suppose that wont have helped. I will be shopping more in L*dl and meal planning from whatever their offers are as I tend to do it a**e about face and plan what I want to eat then shop for ingredients.

    Hopefully I will do better next month. Right off to read up on all your recipes for some inspiration.

    Thanks guys:A
    Payment A Day £15 (started 17/5/14) :j
  • Ohhhh just made Coconut Balls to use up a pack that was going out of date and the bonus is............. kiddies don't like coconut so its just me and DH that need to scoff err delicately munch on them - yeah!!!

    Recipe for Coconut Balls

    180gr Sugar [I used Castor]
    2 Eggs
    250gr Desicated Coconut

    Beat the eggs and sugar together, add the Coconut and mix all together
    Shape into balls [about the size of a Golfball]
    Place onto a greased baking tray
    Cook in the oven 160.C for 10-15mins
    They are ready when they are golden brown

    I have a fan oven and used 160.C for 13mins
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Now THAT is a recipe I like!!!

    I am definitely keeping that one in my book!

    Cheers for sharing!
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