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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • jumblejackjumblejack Forumite
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    Silly me, I just posted this on Januarys gc!!!

    Another thrifty day!

    We had roast pepper and lentil soup for lunch.
    The peppers were whoopsied (11p for a large mixed net). As they were so wrinkly, I popped them in the oven whilst I was cooking. When they had gone cold, I skinned them over a bowl (as they are full of sweet juice when roasted!) then chucked them in a large pan (with the roasting 'juice'!) with vegetable stock, a chopped onion and a couple of cups of red lentils and blended them when done...yum!
    Mega cheap n nutritious!! Will do us for a few lunches!

    I have also done a beef lobby (btw, did you know lobby is supposed to originate from when housewives would 'lob' ingredients into a pan to slow cook!). We will have it tomorrow but reserve some for a pie (the pastry is ready in the fridge as made some surplus especially!) Our tea was left over hotpot from yesterday.

    I want to get some dried peas in as I am eager to try pea soup. I wonder if they sell em in out local Asian shop? The pulses are in big quantities there and very cheap. Must look next time I go.
    Here is the very cheap recipe:
    Pea soup

    soak 8oz green split peas overnight in
    2 pints water
    next day add 2 large onions
    2 stock cubes
    lots of salt & boil until peas are soft
    15 mins in pressure cooker, maybe an hour normally
    blend & serve
    you can add cubes of ham or gammon if you wish!
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  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    Sunnyday - Can I ask a question regarding your Slow Cooked Brisket which sounds delicious? Is this brisket a large joint or is it chopped up into chunks before you cook it?

    Not been on here for several days but still sticking to the menu plan and trying to last until the weekend before shopping again!
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  • HippeechiqHippeechiq Forumite
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    I so wish I and my OH liked soup as there as some wonderful sounding soups being posted on here lately. Such a great way of making the most of all of your food - but sadly we don't.
    Sorry, meant to say NSD Sunday, yesterday & today. This morning I managed to give my son too much insulin by mistake so on the advise of the diabetic nurse we are at home for the day doing hourly rings or texts with his blood sugar readings to get through the day as best as we can! I was feeling very stressed earlier but calming down quite a bit now!
    Oooh - that sounds a bit scary! Hope you're both ok now. I'm assuming as you posted around 5(ish) that he's ok - not nice for you though :grouphug:

    £1.19 spent today on a big jar of Nutella - spends now up to £90.38
    Got an A$da delivery coming at the weekend for £70(ish) paid with from money left in my account for that very purpose, but I'm not entirely convinced I've got enough "cash" left to last the month, as I only ever have 4 weekly envelopes per month with £25 in each envelope.

    I'm currently using Week 3 cash, so with this being a 5 week month, that means that I wont have any "cash" left for w/c 28/3 unless I split Week 4 envelope and use £12.50 for Week 4 and £12.50 for week 5 which I can't see working as I struggle with £25 per week.

    Hmmm :think: I think the only way around it is to use the remainder of the money in my "Meat" allowance envelope, given that I have enough meat to last me the remainder of the month due to canny purchases last month. It may mean I miss out on some meat bargains at the end of the month, but I can't see how else to do it.
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  • PennyGrabberPennyGrabber Forumite
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    I managed a NSD today, just! Was really tempted to go mooching this evening, but luckily, things I was doing ran over time, so I didn't actually have time to go. Then, I was out again from half 7 til just now, and was quite tempted again, but instead I'm going to go and sort through some more cookery books.

    I must say, I'm really enjoying having a half empty fridge. It's not a concept I've been familiar with since I moved here (by myself with 2 v young children) about three and a half years ago. i was always afraid that I'd run out of food, and the children would go hungry. I'm slowly learning that I'll get paid again, and then I'll have more money, so I don't need so much stuff in the house. This isn't just food - it's cookery books, reading books, crafting stuff, furniture, you name it, and I have too much of it, and I'm finally getting better! And, to be completely honest, it's because of the gc. Hearing so many other people's stories, and tips, and ways of doing things, it hasn't just helped me with my grocery spending, but it's filtering into every aspect of my life now, so thank you to everyone here who contributes in any way, shape or form. I, for one, will be eternally grateful, as I think I can work towards being a vaguely normal person now, instead of a mad hoarding demon who has a messy house because there's so much stuff in it yet still buys more!!

    Night all, and thanks again,
    PG x

    ETA - now halfway through month and not halfway through budget! That's got to be a first!
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  • janie-hjanie-h Forumite
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    Hi All :wave:

    Don't feel like I'm doing very well this month. Stopped smoking nearly 4 weeks ago and it feels like food shopping (i.e. popping in for a few things and coming out with bags and bags of stuff) has replaced it - that and eating like a horse! :eek:
    But, I started at SW last week and have lost a couple of lbs so that's better than putting it on! But it has added to my food budget as I've been stocking up on fruit, veg, yoghurts, meat, herbs and dressings :A

    Anyway, here's my spends update

    MrM - £6.98
    A**i - £24.70
    Sainbugs -£7.56 (all reduced, bogof or 3 for 2)
    A**a - £47.36
    A**a - £27.74 (those last 2 were within 2 days - bought loads, but why didn't I get what I needed the 1st time???)

    TOTAL = £114.34 :eek:

    I've really got to get my head together, get sorted out and plan - this would help with GC and losing weight. Must get my a***e in gear and meal plan :think:

    Will update sig - but dangerously close to budget, so I'm not going to make it this month! After very low spending last month and using up freezer/cupboard stores, I should have upped this months budget to cover it. Never mind, you live and learn - but looks like this months total is going to be scary :mad:
  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    jumblejack, your Pea Soup is added to the index ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • scotsaverscotsaver Forumite
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    Just been round to MrM's to get some Fruit and try to get some of the FR eggs but sold out. Also got some Wa!kers crisps that are on special £2 for bag of 26, we only buy crisps when they are on special, got another 2 ICBINB as they are still on special, so total updated and now only £20 left for 10 days.:eek:

    Dinner tonight is HM Macaroni Cheese, tomorrow night is Mince & Tatties, Friday will be Fish and HM chips, Saturday sausage and mash, Sunday Roast pork and all the trimmings. Will add veg to each of these meals but not sure what yet so we have everything in that we need until at least Monday, fingers crossed.

    Need to get the BM on now and then decide what cakes/pud to make for next couple of days from what we have in, got a huge bag of dried apricots in the cupboard, some dessicated coconut so might make those flapjacks I saw on Hairy B!kers last night. Decisions, decisions.;)

    Have a good day everyone.:D
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  • tessie_beartessie_bear Forumite
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    good morning....iv got savoury mince in the sc for a shepherds pie for tea...and iv prepped some off to costco om friday so need to make a list..i really like their mince so might get some more of that...oh and their eggs are very fresh iv found

    i havent been able to make any cakes this week as dont have any eggs...will be able to do a bit of baking over the weekend

    on thurs ald£ have a cute rabbit in with smartie type sweets in going to get a couple for the kids as they look cute in the leaflet....might have a look at the bargains as well

    have a nice day tessa
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  • Forumite
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    Morning all :wave:

    Mr T delivery came the other night, the Aerie! that was on offer at £4 for the big bottle mysteriously was not in stock so was substituted and only 1 delivered not 2 (how a SM can run out of washing liquid is beyond me :mad: :mad:) I can guarantee if I go into store, it will be there but I daren't cos I'll just spend more on things I don't need :rotfl:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaanyway that meant shop was £4 cheaper so will change siggy in a min :)

    Veggie box came at 0523 this morning :eek:, don't think the delivery man was expecting to see anyone at that time in the morning and his face was a picture seeing me come towards him with my nightie on and serious bedhair :rotfl::rotfl: (I'd only got up up to let the dog out LOL) Good job it was still dark!!

    Lots of goodies in it today, kohlrabi could be interesting never cooked or eaten it and there was a little piece of paper inside which said "That spacey globe in your box that could be a UFO is a kohlrabi" which made me chuckle :rotfl:

    I feel I'm not doing too badly with the shopping this month, especially as its a 5 weeker! I'm just getting used to the menu planning and learning to use cookery books again for the first time in ages and really enjoying it :T:T

    Hope I haven't waffled too much :o hope you all have a great day :T
  • russetredrussetred Forumite
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    Chloris wrote: »
    £6.47 at the C0-op on milk, eggs and a salad bag. That is sooo expensive. Oh well, I have made mincemeat cake, chocolate brownies, chicken stock for a chicken rice dish for tea tonight - so a free streeetch meal. Am almost out of self raising flour. So searching for recipes for plain flour or strong bread flour cakes. That will be in a day or two, unless I blow my diet and eat all the cakes later!:eek:
    Hi, just add baking powder to plain flour to make SR.
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