help how do i get rid of mud stains



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    OP have you tried washing the muddy stuff in cold water? Probably won't help with grass stains, but it might. My new washing machine has a programme that I like but is either 60 degrees or cold, I stuck my white bedding in that was covered & I mean covered in dried mud from the woods & river from the dog in the hot wash & it was still marked, the next time it happened I used the cold wash & it all came out, even the stains from the previous wash. It has also worked on my dog walking trousers that get plastered. That may be worth a try.
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    They tested one of the better known stain removers on Watchdog a few months ago and that wouldn't get mud stains out no matter how many times they washed the clothes with it.
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    I like that ad for a washing powder that smells of "White diamonds and Lotus flower"

    What do white diamonds smell like then?

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    OK, definitely a thread for Old Style now, so I'll move it across.

    Good luck :)

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    I used to scrub my DS's football kit with Borax as recommended by another OS er. Try making a thick paste of borax substitute and scrubbing into the stain then washing straight away. ( Haven't tried substitute, but it is supposed to do the same job, apart from killing ants and making slime)
  • Have you tried Persil Bio powder. My daughter decided to wear her new white linen trousers to the park last weekend and was covered in grass stains, it got it out. Also my husband plays football and it works on that stuff too. I have also found the vanish spray good in the past. But not the powder that you add.

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    I've merged this with our mud stains thread. There is also a thread on removing grass stains

    DO let us know how you get on

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  • Hi my son has a yellow football strip and I can’t get dirt marks off it, I have tried a 60 wash I have bought special stain remover but I can’t seem to shift them can anyone help as I don’t want to have to buy a new top every month
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