help how do i get rid of mud stains



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    My son has a new Bench tshirt for Xmas and has managed to sit on a dirty wall. Despite washing it, there is still a stain on the back, at the bottom. Bleach isn't really an option as the shirt has a pattern on the top half (unless I just dangle the dirty bit in?) and I think that bleach will harm the fabric. Its a normal cotton fabric. Any ideas what would work? I'll bleach if really necessary.
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    What about pouring some liquid washing powder on the stain itself and putting it through a wash?This often works for me for stubborn stains.
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    I use a Vanish stick (not the liquid). I wet the stain with cold water - rub the stick all over the stain, then massage in gently with a finger tip and leave overnight. Wash as usual. Sometimes I need to do it twice, but it usually works.
    Vanish sticks are not too expensive and they last ages.
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    1. Shout.

    2. If that doesn't work, then I think there's a 'washing' bleach you can get - put some directly onto the stain for tough areas. It's year since I used it, as Shout works every time for me, I find.
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    Try making up a paste with Napisan and leave it for half hour, then put thru a normal wash - remember NOT to tumble dry as it 'seals' the stain.
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    ive merged this with the thread on removing mud stains


    Zip :)
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    They all claim to be fantastic at removing stains but I cant get mud and grass stains off my kids clothes :mad:
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    No advert tells the truth! If they did, we'd never buy their products.
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    No advert tells the truth! If they did, we'd never buy their products.

    Exactly that. It's not a good sales pitch to say
    'it doesn't get stains out but buy it anyway'
    If they claim it's all singing all dancing we'll try it at least once probably.
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    nashly wrote: »
    They all claim to be fantastic at removing stains but I cant get mud and grass stains off my kids clothes :mad:

    Hiya, :)

    Have a wander over to the Old Style board.

    They won't be able to help you with the adverts but mud and grass stains they can help with.

    In fact I can move this post across there for you if you wish?
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