March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    Well had an NSD yesterday but not today. :o Just back in from Al*i and As*a as we were out of cereal and coffee which is the only thing MiL drinks :eek:. Hopefully sorted now, except from bread, milk and a few veggies, for the rest of the month. I looking at my receipts I've managed some really good bargains and am well stocked up with dog and rabbit food, pasta, apple juice (DS drinks this a lot). As*a had a certain well known brand of dishwasher tabs 58 for £3 = 100% free. That's even cheaper than my usual ones from Li*l. :j. They will do 2 months. Have strong suspicion I'll be over my guestimate budget but at least it's a start! Has anyone tried the Mr S 5 meals for £20 yet and are they any good? :)
  • l.m.hart wrote: »
    Morning does anyone know if Mr M still have the offer on the baked beans, dont want to have a wasted trip.

    hi, the offers usually run sunday to sunday, is it the branston ones you want?they are still showing as 30p on the m'sons website HTH :D

    another nsd for me and a lovely walk down the river with the kids, ds managed to get wet and squelched home lol i've had a look at what food's in the house and think i might just be able to stay on budget this month :)

    keep up the penny pinching :D
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    budget of £250 is for food, toiletries, nappies, wipes, cleaning/washing products and pet supplies (litter, sawdust, food)
  • Hugs, and spoons to all who need or want them.:grouphug:

    Have finally caught up the thread it seems to move so quick!

    A simple quick recipe for using up dairylea triangles

    Boil up some pasta of choice and drain off the liquid, while hot stir in the triangles and a splash of milk and some chopped up ham, season with black pepper and hey presto quick and easy carbonara.:p

    Reporting a spend on dog food on Friday of £9.99 but that should cover the rest of this month and possible all of next. Which does mean i am on super tight reins to stay in budget for the end of this month. Freezer meals and home baking it is.

    Must try out the mr t mr a price war i need some shampoo and i do love tresemme so will have to make an extra to budget buy for this i think.
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  • :wave:

    Its been a while since i posted, I hope everyone is well x

    I have been keeping note of my spending....I'm doing quite well - I've got lots of dinner stuff, so just need the daily things really (bread, milk, eggs etc) for the rest of the month. Might have to increase my budget from £250 from next month as my cat was really sick last week and the week before and the result is he now needs a special diet which costs way more than what I was paying for his food...I might try to keep at £250, but I don't want to feel like I'm struggling, I want to feel as if I am in control of my spending iykwim, so I'll see how I go :)
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    Hi Pink Winged

    Can I join please, since I am half way through my financial month can I please be put down for £150 for 2 adults, 3 kids til 30th March, thanks
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    Need to add a 24.27 spend to my list, have now got food for the week...Still have 65 of my budget left with half a month to go!
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    Spent £1.65 today as we are rapidly running out of fruit. Bought some kiwis and some bananas which should keep us going until Tuesday when I have a small mr T shop coming. Off to update signature now.
    Groceries Challenge 2020
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    Updated my total with spends from Friday, only £40 left and 13 days to go but meal planned for the next week, ok for Bread flour, milk, fruit and veg so fingers crossed this is still do-able.:o

    angelatgraceland - that's good news. spiggle - thinking positive thoughts for you now.;)

    Dinner tonight is Roast Lamb and all the trimmings.

    Rolls, bread, boodles biscuits and fairy cakes made for this weeks lunchboxes.

    Enjoy the rest of the day everyone.:D
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    NSD today and batch cooked a lamb curry to freeze and a beef and mushroom pie filling for tea. Should be ok this week foodwise but will need some dog food later on this week and stock up with some biscuits for him too.
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    An NSD for me today! The coconut tarts I made yesterday have all gone (yep, they were that good) so I am probably going to make another batch of those this evening while the lamb breast cooks. We will need some fruit and veg tomorrow, as well as some cleaning stuff from Wilkos. Just thought I'd share the stuffing recipe I've used to stuff the lamb breast as it smells gorgeous. Will let you know how it tastes!

    4 slices bread, blitzed in a processor
    zest of 1 lemon, with the juice of half of it
    Glug of milk
    1 dessertspoon dried mixed herbs

    Mix everything together and spread out on the meaty side of a lamb breast. Roll it up and secure (I've used cocktail sticks). I'll let you know how I get on with it. It's on a little metal trivet to go in the oven so it doesn't sit in the fat as it roasts. :)

    Have a good evening, everyone.

    KB xx

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