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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    HippeechiqHippeechiq Forumite
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    I appreciate the suggestion hun, but at the time we spent £300 (on OHs c/card as we don't have that kind of cash spare) on the "bright ideas" that the garage came up with that might fix it. They even took it took a part to a "specialist" who could test some or other components inside the sealed box thing (I know all the technical lingo :rotfl:) and no joy.

    Everything they've tested shows that there are no problems, they simply can't get the lights (handbrake, airbag & ABS) to actually go off.
    The only way I would spend more money on it now, would be if I knew for sure, whatever I tried would result in a pass - but I can't, and we can't afford to spend more money "trying" IYSWIM

    It made us sit back and do our sums at the time, and with me losing my job at the beginning of last year, we really can no longer afford to run a car now anyway. It's just that if it was a pass, obviously we would get a lot more money when selling it.

    Never mind - you just have to know when to let some things go, and we did at least try.

    Thanks again for the suggestion though hun :)

    Hippeechiq - That's disgusting about your daughter. It makes me really bad how some people are treated in this country. I hope that the people who have to make this decision see sense & realise that your DD is defintely not fit for work. I bet you wish that someone would just give you a break one day, you have so much to put up with but well done on remaining strong & fighting for your daughter.
    Thank you hun - I appreciate your support :kisses3:
    Unfortunately, it's just a questions & answers job. DD will be asked questions, AT0$ Assessor (who won't have Mental Health qualifications, and who have allegedly been given a target to reduce the number of people claiming ESA by 93%) writes down her responses and sends off his report to another dept (whose name eludes me at the moment) where some person who hasn't even met my DD, reads said report and decides whether or not she's fit for work.

    Back on topic - on the GC front a NSD here today, and am now away in an attempt to shake of these blues by baking a Jamaican Ginger Cake & some Weetabix Brownies :)
    Aug11 £193.29/£240

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    mummyjanemummyjane Forumite
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    Angel - will be thinking of you and your dh, I really hope you get some good news tomorrow x

    Had a Mr T's shop last night totalling £65.47 but that now gives me enough meals and baking bits for the next two weeks :j

    Dh brought the shopping in and couldn't believe how little there was :rotfl: should only need to buy milk for the next couple of weeks, possible also some fresh fruit and meat for lunches but I am trying to put some by from my joints so I don't have to. Plus I have a veg box coming on friday which should see me through.

    I still cannot believe how little I am spending on groceries compared to before I started the GCs. Frightening really how much food and money we must have been wasting :eek:.

    Should add that I am having a NSD today :T
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  • Just sold 40 CDs via Music Magpie for £28!

    Still no spends yet. Getting that nervous tic again!!
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    hi...we have got hm chicken and mushroom pie for tea and i made quiches with the bit of pastry i had left...done some meal planniing for next week....need to do a bit of shopping for the things i want to make

    hope all are doing well with their budgets
    onwards and upwards
  • ZendZend Forumite
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    First shop of the month has come in at £76.
    January spend = £100
    Spent =
    saving =
  • quintwinsquintwins Forumite
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    it might be work breaking it for parts then, running a car has got so expensive and were a single wage family (with 3 under 5's childcare would kill us if i worked) so i know what you mean every pennys counted for

    my approved foods order just arrived and all i can say is wow from it and MRT's on mon everywhere is fit to burst in my house i can't see us needing anything else except milk,fruit and spuds before the end of the month
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  • zcrat41zcrat41 Forumite
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    Ok, so due to a little overspend at a wedding last weekend I've got £100 to last me till the end of march for me and Oh. Should be easy as I spent £100 on a big tesco shop for all our dry goods etc last week.
  • :o I've lost the plot with the March GC already.

    I think I'm broadly on track, but I've lost all my receipts! Will start again in April (though will continue reading for motivation and keeping costs as low as poss).

    I also want to give my budget a good review, as I think I keep failing because it is a little too low for me, OH & dog, and we can afford to up it a little, though it does pain me to do so! :p If we don't, I can foresee constant failure at the GC in my future, and I don't want that to throw me off track completely IYSWIM.
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  • AldahbraAldahbra Forumite
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    OK I have never tried this before. What are the rules. Is the grocery budget to cover everything you get from a supermarket or just food?

    What about pet food, stationary, printer ink, school dinners and cleaning products?
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    Just posting (another) shop :( Spent another £10.24 in Mr M thanks to the lovely fruit & veg they have on offer. I stocked up so we won't go short for a while. Also picked up some laundry stuff as we needed it. Will update my sig now. Plans have changed for tonight; we were going to be out and have dinner at Mum's, but as DH not yet back from work I have come home early (having eaten already) and will cook DH something when he gets home. I'll probably do him a pizza toastie or something.

    My plan of a pizza toastie being:

    half a red onion, very finely chopped
    half a red pepper, very finely chopped
    2 mushrooms, very finely sliced
    3-4 rashers or bacon, snipped

    All of the above softened in a frying pan, then adding a small amount of passata and some salt & pepper. Heat through for a bit. Spread the mixture onto two slices of bread, top with grated cheese, another slice of bread and into the sandwich toaster it goes. Should be nice. :) I do have a little of that chorizo left so might add a teeny bit of that as it's spicy! And if there's any left I may have some for myself!

    Have a good evening, everyone. Angel, I'm thinking of you both for tomorrow. (((hugs)))

    KB xx

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