Bust the Banks Campaign

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In a world of finance where the little people are looked after by the caring banking community and their share holders maybe you would like to join the campaign I am starting.

You will be helping yourselves, helping the bank sales staff to get their bonuses so the lower people are happier.

Step 1:

Apply for a bank loan to the maximum you are allowed, with PPI so bank staff get their sales targets. :j

Step 2: Spend your loan wisely and not at the local pub :beer:

Step 3 Sell the house and collect you money in equity ensuring it is used to purchase the essentials. :eek:

Step 4 Rent privately :rolleyes:

Step 5 Declare your self BANKRUPT.. :rotfl:

This way you life has improved, the bank staff have had a bonus and you have stiffed the banks and shareholders.

LOL.... :D

THIS IS A JOKE BY THE WAY.... please do not adhere to it even if it does seem to be a tempting soloution to get your own back on the banks...

PS.SSSS... Then claim your bank charges to really rub it in... lol


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    & stiffed my f'king pension.

    Great plan!:rolleyes:
    "Mrs. Pench, you've won the car contest, would you like a triumph spitfire or 3000 in cash?" He smiled.
    Mrs. Pench took the money. "What will you do with it all? Not that it's any of my business," he giggled.
    "I think I'll become an alcoholic," said Betty.
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