Summons for non-payment of Council Tax!!!

Just recieved a summons for non payment of Council Tax even though I am upto date with payment:eek: !!!!

Briefly, they say because I paid late had two reminders this year (the first I had paid by the time the arrived, the second one was while I was in hospital having my appendix out!!) both said on bottom that if I had already paid to ignore!

I now have to pay £47.00 Court cost, which seems bizarre :confused: when I have actually paid!!!!

This seems extreamly unfair, to me the council should be getting sued for wasting the magistrates time in the first place - I could understand if I hadn't paid - it just beggers belief, especially when I know so many get away with not paying through some loophole or other!:mad: :mad: :mad:
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  • Unfortunately it does all rest on the reminders, they obviously haven't reset either of them (they don't have to but some do) so you have been automatically escalated to summons. If the balance is clear now, then I would ask them to cancel the costs, but again they don't have to. If you owed the balance when it was issued then they are justified in sending it, but may be willing to cancel it now as has all been paid.

    See what they are willing to do for you. Unfortunately this situation can happen if you pay late during the year and just assume it will all be OK, which ideally it would be!
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  • :j After a long phone call it turns out it was a computor error!!!!

    Apparently the final reminder was sent the day after I had paid but not shown up till a week later!!! So they have agreed to cancel the court cost (of which i was told could not be done as it had already been charged by the court!)

    I wonder how many others have just paid up without querying it??
    Growing old is manditory, Growing up is optional! :j
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