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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Winged_oneWinged_one Forumite
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    A total spend of €32 on the weekly shopping this week, and that included a box of cereal I could actually have waited till next week for after all (did it on way home from a family outing, rather than a seperate trip later so hadn't checked).

    €6.66 on 2 steaks on Saturday, and then €25 in the local Eurospar on fruit and veg, 2 bottles milk, loaf of bread, and cereal (wheetabix for DH and a cocopops type thing for DD).

    DH made a spanish omlette for lunch - used up the last 2 mushrooms, last 2 rashers, last tomato, and a spud and some grated cheese. Yum. And, as DH is away on Tuesday, we had pancakes last night (he is chief pancake maker in the house), and we had crab cakes for a substantial starter with that (tin of Sainbugs own crab meat, large bowl of mash, third of a tin of sweetcorn, and a gently fried HG shallot, with 2 eggs, couple spoonfuls flour, and frozen breadbrumbs) - half the crabcakes are frozen for another night.

    I also made the shepherd's pie for tonight, with 1lb of mince. But I added 2 carrots, 2 parsnips, half a courgette, handful frozen peas, and tried out the tin of green lentils that has been sitting in the cupboard for about 2 years. So I got a decent dinner for tonight in the oven on the timer, and a batch of mince made up and put into freezer that will feed us on a day that either: we are all likely to be starving with 1/2 lunch portions leftover; or that we will have visitors. I really didn't think it would stretch THAT far!

    Using up lots from freezer this week though, as we seem to have loads of small bags of rice and portions of pork pieces, but very few meals. So I need to clear it out again. The menu mostly stays as is, but I may change the Beef stew night for a stir fry to use up the rice. And we probably won't be travelling next weekend after all, so we will do a lot then too.

    I MAY, possibly, actually come in under budget this month. Although I got a letter from one of the big SM chains here that if I spend €200 this month, I get an extra €20 back in the next mailing which would be worth stocking up on certain non-perishables (I think I will need cleaning products by then anyway).
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  • i made a chicken and brocolli bake on saturday, much the same as the one in the recipes section, but with crunched crunchy nut cornflakes and cheese on top. i also made my own cheese sauce for the first time ever (i normally cheat and use packet mix) and it was so much nicer. wrist was aching after from whisking the milk but it was so worth it, and the best thing is i made two so we have one in the freezer for later in the month!! mmmmm....

    Quick question - when you batch cook and freeze, do you cook both batches and then freeze one, or do you just prepare it and freeze it for cooking when you want it?

    we had sausage, leek and apple pie for tea last night. it was good. i'll check if theres a recipe in the index and if not i'll post.

    happy saving! :)
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    Morning everyone, I have updated my updated my sig and it's not looking good at all! I had friends over on Friday and had to spend £7.51 in the c**p on ingredients for soup and eggs for baking. I have also been to Sain******, Li**, and Super**** for necessary groceries and toiletries. I've got enough milk and yoghurts for the week, I make our bread and have a meal plan. I have got lots in the freezer so should only need to buy milk, yogs, fruit and veg for the rest of the month. Still not sure I can do it on what I've got left, I'll try though.
    Have a good day and thank you to those who look after the GC, it really helps to read everyones tips.
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  • Sausage, leek and apple pie

    8 sausages
    3 leeks - chopped
    1 apple - peeled, cored and chopped
    1/2 pint stock
    1 tbsp whole grain mustard seed
    1 tbsp plain flour

    - Brown 8 sausages in a frying pan for 5mins.
    - add leeks and stir until soft
    - add apple and whole grain mustard seed
    - cut sausages up, sprinkle flour over and stir, then add stock
    - leave to simmer, stirring occasionally until sauce thickens (5-10 mins) (i also added lea and perrins to give it a bit of lift)
    - spoon mixture into casserole dish and top with shortcrust pastry. brush top of pastry with egg or milk
    - bake in oven at gm6 for 25-30 mins or until brown on top.
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    DFBX2017 #160 - £0/£11,378

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  • SunnydaySunnyday Forumite
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    Cutiepiebf - i cook everything and then freeze meal sized portions in tubs for a hm ready meal :D If i`m cooking a chilli for example i`ll freeze some on its own in a smaller tub or if i`ve time i`ll cook the rice too and freeze it in a larger tub so that both curry and rice are together and just need a few mins in the microwave. Stops me buying takeaways as i can just pop one in the nuke machine for a few mins.

    I can`t get anything else in either of the freezers atm so we will be eating some meals twice this week :o

    I`ve just put the ingredients for a curry in the SC crock which is now stood in the fridge, this will go in the SC tonight overnight when the electricity is cheaper :D

    I have all that i need so NSD planned again for today :j

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • funnyflippfunnyflipp Forumite
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    Oh my goodness I am so late but will aim for £400 as I am feeding an extra bod for half o f the month and after last month realise that I need to be a little more realistic
    (Also have to allow for prescription food!)

    SO far I have spent 194.48 and have enough until the end of the week
    £112121.02 10 Years and counting!
    Target in 2011 £22K /£10646.97 DFD Feb 2017
    42Lbs /23 Down 19 to go!:shocked:
    So now I just need to keep going!
    Nearly half way through the year and I'm still here :D
  • cookiemumcookiemum Forumite
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    Added up weekend spends at £73.66 which have added to my total.

    Had a trip to Mr T's on saturday and stocked up on cat sachets on offer. Buying all meat from our local butcher now and although comparable in price to the supermarkets the quality is so much better so it can stretch further. Also found a local farm which sells trays of 30 large free range eggs for £4.50. Local garden centre has a great stall outside selling fruit and veg. I bought 2 punnets of strawberries, 1 blueberries and 1 raspberries for £4 and he threw in a large carrier bag of bananas for free only slightly past their best - I'm going to have to search the thread for banana recipes!

    Lovely and sunny here today - doesn't everything seem better when the sun is out! Enjoy:)

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  • rosiebenrosieben Forumite
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    cutiepie, I've added your Sausage, leek and apple pie to the index; it sounds lush! I've noted it for next month's menu plan, thanks :D
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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  • Spent loads of money on pizzas and a DVD. Greedy piggies. Going to do a meal plan for the rest of this week with what I have in.
  • Day 7 - and the fresh milk has run out!

    Reverting to black tea and I've found some powdered milk at the back of the cupboard - not too bad. Half a loaf of bread remains, but I've still got a couple of bread mixes. Potatoes are the big issue for me - I like my spuds!!

    Anyway, still at zero spend for the month - and over a week until the exams start - so plenty of revising to take my mind off shopping!
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