Halfords - Can I still get my money back?

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I bought a bike about eight months ago from Halfords, and at the same time bought a maintenance agreement for it. The bike looked good, but was very poorly manufactured, and had to be repaired on numerous occasions. Eventually I asked Halfords to take the bike back, and give me a refund. They said that they couldn't do that, but would give me credit for the bike against another one. I decided that I would take the credit for £300, and buy a bike costing £500 - this time one I thought would be really good quality.

I have ridden the darn thing home, (3 miles) and the gear shifter has broken causing the chain to snap. I'm devastated.

I have spoken to the store manager, they are coming out to collect it and return it to the store for inspection.

Can I ask for my money back, as the bike is clearly not fit for purpose - or did I lose my rights when I accepted the original credit note?

All help and advise appreciated........
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