MSE News: Holiday blow as Thomas Cook and Thomson hike fuel charges

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This is the discussion thread for the following MSE News Story:

"A family of four will pay up to £160 more for an overseas holiday after the rises ..."


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    How will this affect holidays that are already booked, will the surcharge be added to our booking, or does it only apply to new bookings?
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    I think it would apply to new bookings only
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    as it is a surcharge and not a government tax, if the companies wanted to charge existing booking the fuel surcharge, they would initially have to go through and get ABTA's approval for applying a surcharge first. If this is granted, then whilst the may add it onto the booking, they then have to absorb from the surcharge 2% of the TOTAL HOLIDAY COST. therefore, if the holiday cost goes upto £1500.00 (for example), the first £30.00 of the surcharge they cannot charge - only any amount over and above this.


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    They are calling it a surcharge but it is just a price increase. They are not adding any extra to existing bookings, only new bookings but since the prices change from day to day, it will be impossible to see what has happened. If they just increase the price, they pay commission to travel agents on the full price paid, if they call it a surcharge, the agent only gets commission on what is now called the 'basic price' It is true that fuel costs are rising, we can all see that every time we fill up at a petrol station but many airlines 'hedge' their fuel prices up to a year ahead and therefore just pocket the profit. However we all need to be wary if fuel keeps going up as in 2008 there were a number of airline collapses due at least in part to fuel prices. Don't book with an airline you have never heard of in 2011
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