March Work Lunches Challenge!

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Greetings all, welcome to the work lunches challenge!

I have a rather expensive month - with a wedding and weekend in Scotland and a visit from my dad. So I need to save all I can on lunches.

If you want to set a goal, please put it down in big, nice letters that I can see!!

Hope everyone has a great March! Blimey this year is going fast already.
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    My 1st lunches challenge. :T
    Now watch me fall off the wagon in the most spectacular way possible!
    I'm going to go for a conservative 12 for this month. That will allow me to still buy some meaks in the canteen.
    If I get anywhere near hitting it then I'll consider upping it in April!
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    Please put me down for only one bought lunch in March. I didn't use my one in Feb but I always like to have one just in case I forget/sleep in/have a hangover and need chips!!

    Good luck everyone!
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    can i join? ill go for 12 please :)
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  • Since my wife lost her job, I have bought maybe 3 lunches, since July 10.

    Granted, she makes them for me (as she isnt working, she sees it as her way of helping).

    I used to draw about £10 every other day, and would always spend it. Working in Central London means that even a sandwich with crisps and drink is over a fiver. Since the home made lunches - more variety btw - I dont even spend the tenner I take out on a monday morning to cover incidentals, can of coke when feeling tired etc.

    Count me in for ZERO lunches bought in March!
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    Never done a challenge before but I have being trying to do this and had been doing well until last week so this seems like a good challenge to do... I have a work trip from the 14th for 3 and a half weeks where I will have no kitchen and have no choice but to buy lunch out (and it will be paid by work anyway!)

    But between now and the 14th of March put me down for one ONE lunch bought at work.

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    FOUR BOUGHT LUNCHES for me please. To include weekends too.

    Finally a Homeowner 04.10.13 :j

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    As a newbie and still getting the hang of..I will try for 8 over 20 days in the the west end of London....sometimes I buy stuff I dont even need!! this month going to see if I can cut down from £100 work lunches to £40.
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    Another newbie here, I do usually take frozen weight watcher meals from the house but I do sometimes splurge.

    Please put me down for 1 bought lunch from work. That should be doable !x
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    Did ok last month but not to target, I had 6 bought instead of 4. Away on hols next week for 4 days :) so only have to bring 1 lunch! Have 1 lunch out with work for a birthday. I will aim for 3 Bought Lunches for March.
  • carrieukcarrieuk Forumite
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    I'm going to aim for 2 bought lunches in March.

    I'm out on Friday with work but they are paying for it and we have enough food in the house to get through a week without buying lunch :)

    Good luck everyone :)
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