MSE News: Investment fund sectors to be renamed

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"Funds will no longer be labelled as 'cautious' or 'balanced' as consumers find the terms confusing ..."


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    Good move I think, when it comes to finances the use of subjective words like 'defensive' should be avoided, actually just saying what the fund consists of makes more sense.
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    WHY don't the banksters also change the words 'Quantitative Easing' to PRINTING MONEY OUT OF THIN AIR ?


    Teach finance in schools ?

    They use all these fancy words nobody understands on purpose, they want the general public to have little or no understanding other than to save in a bank.
    As an investor, you know that any kind of investment opportunity has its risks, and investing in Stocks or Precious Metals is highly speculative. All of the content I post is for informational purposes only.
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