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March 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Another newbie here.

    Can I have £305 for March please?

    Work lunches are definitely my biggest problem, need to get it under control!
    No. More. Waste.

    MarchGC: £58/£305
    2011CrazyClothesChallenge: £73/£750
  • Hi everyone :wave:

    :grouphug: to everyone that needs one, hope everyone is well.

    Mrs M can you put me down for £225 please.
    I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. :)

    Weight loss 3 stone :D
  • jinky67jinky67 Forumite
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    I need to join in here again to keep myself focused;)

    Can you put me down for £100 for the month please?
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  • Hello all the new people - stick with us - and ask lots of questions - loads of people on here who are very clever and will help out, also check out the recipes on Page 1 that Rosieben does for us - she's a star!!

    Thank you to Pink, MrsM and Rosieben for the thread

    I'm off to Sainsbugs tomorrow to get a few bits, hoping to keep in under £15

    Have a nice evening everyone

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
  • Thanks for the new thread. Please can you put me down for £180 in March? That's for two adults and two children.
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    August GC £0/£300
  • Made some nut, apricot & choc chip biscuits yesterday and OH said they were great, so I thought I would share.

    125g butter
    100g castor sugar
    1 egg, beaten
    80g chopped apricots
    60g chopped peanuts (not salted)
    40g plain cooking choc chips
    125g plain flour
    1 tsp bicarbonate of sugar
    pinch salt
    90g rolled oats
    few drops vanilla essence

    Melt butter
    Pour into large mixing bowl, add sugar and mix well
    Add beaten egg & stir
    Stir in apricots & nuts
    Mix in flour, salt & bicarb then add a few drops of vanilla essence
    Mix in oats & choc chips and mix well
    Mixture will be soft, shape into balls & flatten out on a greased baking tray, leave room for them to spread
    Cook in a pre heated oven gas mark 4, for approx 15-20 mins until golden brown - then enjoy :T
    I, not events, have the power to make me happy or unhappy today. I can choose which it shall be. Yesterday is dead, tomorrow hasn't arrived yet. I have just one day, today, and I'm going to be happy in it. :)

    Weight loss 3 stone :D
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    Yay!!! A new thread. :T

    Thanks to Pink-Winged, MrsMcCawber and Rosieben for the thread and all your kindly given voluntary help. You're all brilliant. :A:A:A

    Welcome all the newbies who are joining us. :hello: As has been said, you've come to the right place for supportive and inspirational ideas. If you're unsure of anything just ask and the wonderful people on here will be helpful, welcoming and innovative. Do use the recipe lists, especially if meal planning, and a stocktake of your cupboards, fridge and freezer will be an eye opener. :eek: Don't go shopping without a list :naughty: and always check your staples (bread, milk, cheese, butter, etc) before you go shopping to avoid the need to 'pop in' for one thing and come out £20 lighter. :doh:

    Well, in the morning I will be a one year old GCer! :dance::beer:_party_ I can't even begin to calculate how much I have saved (think £600+ per month for two people in Feb 2010 and you'll see that it's a huge amount ;)) with the help and encouragement of everyone on here so a huge THANK YOU to you all, you're wonderful. :T:A:T:A:T

    Nothing to report in terms of spends and I updated sig yesterday to include today.

    So I just wanted to say keep on doing what you're doing 'cos it works. :money:

    Good luck all for March! :D

    Thank you and all the very best,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • Thanks ladies for the fresh start to a new month and its great seeing so many new yummy recipes. So far up to £23.46 on spends so far for March but the cupboards & fridge were truely bare and now ive got baking stuff for over a mnth and essentials for a gd couple of weeks oh and enough loo roll for an andrex puppy advert(mine aint andrex).

    I hope u have a fantastic bday 2morrow spriggle

    Happy bargin Hunting
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  • £5.05 spent today.

    £4.10 in Tesco on apples, frozen spinach, potatoes, wholegrain mustard and an onion! I wanted frozen green beans too but there wasn't a single bag in there so I popped to Lidl and got some - 95p.

    I don't need anything for evening meals this week and lunches are sorted. I will need milk at some point as used more than I thought making some soup yesterday. I must be good and not buy anymore for the freezer...still need to find room for a quiche I made yesterday!
    Grocery challenge - Nov: £52/£100
  • Many thanks to MRSMC, Pink-winged and rosieben for all your hard work on the GC threads and recipe indexes etc.

    Today i spent £3 on frozen pizza...didn't want to but i needed to get something while on the run as i hadn't time to prepare anything due to one thing and another.

    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
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