Direct Debit problem

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Hi Guys,

1st off, sorry if this post is in the wrong place......

Not been on here for along time, as doing ok on my finances now :) But still look at all the advice you guys give and take it on bored in case i get in to trouble again.

However come across something I've never had before....

I had a small flat which I couldn't afford, so cut my losses and I have gone home to my mum to try to save some money.

I told everyone who needed to know, electric, council tax etc and cancelled direct debits as suggested. Since then the council have contacted me to say i didn't pay enough in council tax and still owe the £15. All ok - was in for 6 months and had it spread over until year end, but moved out before this ended, so expected a small sum was owed. However the letter said they will take a direct debit as usual but.... I cancelled it!

I rang them and they said it was fine at their end, not going to charge, however im not sure about Alliance and Leicester. I understand they charge if you dont have enough in the bank when the payment is made, but do the charge for having to bounce back a payment as someone is trying to claim on the direct debit.... I cant find anything on their website for charges.

Just wondered if someone knows if im going to be charged?

Thanks in advance
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  • You will get an account review charge which IIRC is £25, if they paid as you had funds coming in then thats it, if its come out and taken you into further unauthorized overdraft then it depends on what type of accout you have, can be as much as a further £25 I think, ring your bank asap.
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