MSE News: Firms 'must stop' hiding conditions in the small print

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    I agree that something needs to be done here, but I think more then the t'c and c's need to be dealt with!

    Firms need to stop trying to get one-over on the consumer: two examples here:
    One is the mobile phone tariffs who claim "unlimited internet usage" only for users to realise that this is "limited to 500GB" and that this was easily gone over when watching youtube videos and users were charged accordingly and expensively. Apparently this is still allowed as the ASA allows this to still be called "unlimited usage".

    The second was an example where I think MSE stepped in and helped things change: the RED/HOBBS gift card where a £25 gift card was sold free with £4 copy's of RED magazine. At first the card was able to be used on any item- including tops costing £25 or less (though no change was given). Then all of a sudden HOBBS changed their mind and said "no cards to be used on tops". Their excuse? "we reserve the right to alter terms and conditions at any time". Yes MSE stepped in and they seemed to back down but how many times does this "we reserve the right to amend and change details" thing come into play? Probably very frequently if greedy firms are anything to go by!

    I think companies need to basically have more respect for the consumer. Stop trying to yank money where its not earned and start recognising that when they promise and offer it needs to be transparent. Its not about rewording its about due care and attention: You know how a window dresser stops, steps outside and takes a look at his/her work: thinks about how the mannequins look to the general public? doesn't take 2 minutes- advertising agencies need to do the same. Stop with the small print, it should be advertising is transparent, no need to read through 5 books worth of t's and c's.

    Even MSE do the same, the amount of times I have seen the MSE email stating something like "free this, almost free that" when yet I know the offers are only for new customers, customers who earn £1000 or more a month or those who are happy to spend more money with the company at a later date. None of that is stated in a headline.

    I guess it all lies with out sensationalist culture and headlining seeking media. A culture about "now now now" and less about stopping and thinking. Its because of this fault that companies know how to get our attention, but also know they can easily abuse this culture as the weakness is that as we want things "now now now" we don't tend to stop and think.

    Maybe both parties need to take responsibility but at the same time, you wouldn't blame a weed for growing in a field of poppies, the weed is only doing what its been programmed to do. Its the job of the farmer to take care of his own crop: a company who looks to suck in those who want things "now now now" has got to look at what sort of people he/she is sucking in and then deal with the consequences. If he/she isn't going to take that responsibility then maybe stop the false or over the top advertising.

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    If these Contracts are anything to go by ie mobile then it looks as if the companies concerned get their money off you even if you hate the handset and have second thoughts on the contract. For me it says system is broken down, it also says Companies would make it difficult to read T&C and then hammer you cos you signed a contract.:eek:
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