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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Hi

    Many thanks to Spiggle for comment re: my planned major budget drop in one month.

    Agree is going to be tough, but there are only two of us, plus small dog. We have enough dog food in for a couple of months so no spends on her food this month and despite best of intentions I used up very little out of the cupboards and freezer last month.

    Have done a freezer stock take today and have enough meat and qu**n to do us at least 16 meals each and i really want to make some space in there so I can fit a loaf of bread and some milk as those are the main things I seem to run out of between shops so I am going to give it my best shot. I do have the £12 left from Feb budget to top up if needed, but it is going to be quite a challenge and require some rigid sticking to lists as this tends to be my downfall!
    Debt Free since Nov 11 (ish) (except the £118000 mortgage :o) as at Jan 2013 but still hanging around DFW as I need to Stay On Track.

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  • Hi all :wave:

    Quick update -
    L**l -£16.49
    Grocer - £4.49 Mega choice, value and friendly staff! 1st time I've been in there, but will def go back
    Post office - 89p (loaf of bread, on special and cheaper than L**l across the road)

    Total = £21.87 to add to Feb

    Had my Mary Berry cake book out and made apple cinammon cake yesterday (delish :drool:) and had some warmed up with custard for pudding today (delish, delish, delish :drool:) Got some HM greek yoghurt, so am going to try her recipe for lemon yoghurt cake... mmmmmm.
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    NSD for me today, seeing as it was my birthday lunch was made for me dont feel like ive turned 23 though still look like a teenager (i get asked for id everywhere) maybe this will benefit me more when i am my mums age (she looks like my older sister)

    OMG just watching wife swap, wife says that the reason she does not clean ANYTHING and wakes up at 1 (with 18m old baby) is because looking after a baby is a full time job, YES it is BUT (BIG BUT) taking care of your baby means your house should be hygenic, messy fine, untidy fine but dirty no i dont think so, kid is crawling near cat litter tray that hasnt been emptied in what looks like a month. sorry but just had to have somewhere to rant it upsets me, people like this is why there is a poor opinion of young mothers.

    Anyway on a better note am going to do my 4 week meal plan tomorrow and need to find a new recipe to make, have got no idea what i am looking for though...we will see...congrats to everyone who succeeded with this months challenge and to everyone else even though you havent met your budget you have succeeded in spending less money then you normally would
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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY hun - hope you had a lovely day :)
    rosieben wrote: »
    forgot to mention about the Chocolate Stuff - its a bit like Tiffin and we have 2 Tiffin recipes on the list so I'll cross reference them, I much prefer the name Chocolate Stuff though :D

    Yeah - Chocolate Stuff is a quality name! lol
    You're right too, it is similar to Tiffin in the recipe index, especially the 2nd one, they're pretty much identical.

    Love the sound of your cakes Janie - would you care to share the recipes? How are you getting on with the no smoking?
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    Hi everyone,

    Just to let you know that the Grocery Challenge for March is now up and running so I'll unstick this thread in the next couple of days... yes I know, how can it be March already! :eek: Anyway, spring has sprung here so I'm feeling optimistic! I hope, despite the dreadful price rises that we can all make the best of what we have to spend on our grocery budgets.

    March 2011 Grocery Challenge

    Thanks as always to MRSMCAWBER and rosieben for all their hard work and good luck to everyone taking part. I hope it's a good month for us all.

  • Hippeechiq wrote: »
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY hun - hope you had a lovely day :)

    Yeah - Chocolate Stuff is a quality name! lol
    You're right too, it is similar to Tiffin in the recipe index, especially the 2nd one, they're pretty much identical.

    Love the sound of your cakes Janie - would you care to share the recipes? How are you getting on with the no smoking?

    Hi Hippeechiq
    The no smoking is going great - 10 days smoke free! Had a girly night :beer: & :EasterBunat a friend's house on Sat and NO SMOKING! Feels great! :j:T

    This apple cinammon cake is really easy to make and tastes yum!


    8oz soft margarine
    8oz brown sugar
    3 eggs
    4oz walnuts (chopped)
    4oz sultanas
    8oz SR flour
    2tsp baking powder
    14oz apples (peeled, cored and grated)
    1tsp cinammon

    Oven 180C/350F/Gas4. Grease and line 9" deep cake tin.
    Mix marg, sugar, eggs, walnuts, sultanas, flour and baking powder together until thoroughly blended.
    Put half mixture in cake tin, then grated apple, sprinkle cinammon, then rest of mixture. You can sprinkle with more sugar and walnuts on top if you want.
    Bake for about 1quarter-1half hours or until well risen and golden brown.

    Delicious cut in wedges with or without custard/cream/ice cream! :D
  • hi all i would like to declaire £444.68p spent so far out of my annual budget of £2800 please could you update as i start march on the 28th of feb, many thanks. i came in under budget for this month as a have £233 a month but some months will be more than others this is why i have set myself an annual budget as it is easier for me. hope everyone is well, take care all, see you over on march's board. :j:kisses3:
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    feb GC £0/£120
  • minnie2 wrote: »
    anyone seem any cheap airers anywhere?

    my local dun*lm m*ll had them £10 instead of £20. they are similar to the minkey ones from arg*s which are sold at around £30.
    or freecycle xxxx
    (#80 save 12k in 2015) aim £10,000
    make £10 a day in 2015 £261/£4000
    emergency fund aim £100/£1000
    £1 a day for xmas 2015 £0/£365
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    feb GC £0/£120
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    Done my last shop for this month, and thank's to moving and useing stuff up managed to keep it at a low $30 giving me a total spend of $90.48 for Febuary.
    £150/ £42.08
  • I went way over in the end - declaring at €568 for the month.

    I went to the large SM yesterday, and there were loads of special offers on thingsI use a lot of anyway, that I was low in stocks of. And I had a good few stores items to get too (dishwasher powder, washing powder, pasta, rice, breakfast juices, squash concentrate etc). I got a lot of cheese as we were out of all types, and DD is going to take chunks in a small tub rather than pre-packed pieces so I needed some variety but it should work out cheaper (and if it gets calcium into her, I will be happy). The sandwich meats had good long dates and were reduced a lot. And we were out of wine and beer, but I got beers that we like that were also on special so €10 for a box of 12 bottles (I got an indian and a mexican kind that we both like) and they had nice wine half off (so I got 6 bottles - 3 red, 3 white - and got another 5% off again).

    €127 in grocery, and another €54 in off-licence. I didn't have any vouchers to spend there this time, but I will get at least €2 back on that lot alone next mailing.

    I had also been into the smaller convience store on Sat on my way home from a morning clearing out the school garden. Loaf of nice bread, some sambo meats (not all for weekend), coleslaw, whoopsied garlic toasties (on my list anyway), bag of whoopsied bananas, tomatoes, peppers, spring onions, lettuce, mushrooms, carrots and a roast beef joint for yesterday's dinner - €38.

    I was way over, but at the same time, I am now back to full again and, given all I have in, I should avoid supermarket next week at least (just bread, milk, f&v, meat, fish - all either convenience store, F&V shop or butcher, and have promised DD we'll go to local fishmonger on the pier, and feed the seals also, on Sat morning) and hopefully longer.

    Meal plan for the week:
    Sun: Roast beef, roast pots, roast carrots and (HG) parnsips. Rice pudding.
    Mon: Pork chops, mash spuds, veg (of some sort).
    Tues: Macaroni cheese with bacon pieces and loads of veg.
    Wed: IKEA meatballs, HM potatoe wedges, frozen veg mix.
    Thurs: Chicken Fajitas
    Fri: Masi Goreng or takeaway
    Sat: Fish - probably with spuds but perhaps a risotto
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