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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Thank you Helen, I think I will do that too. It's a treat rather than a necessity (well most of the time!) so I think I should keep it separate.

    Oct GC £36.72/£220.00
    Sep GC £223.58/£220.00
    Aug GC £200/£200
    Jun GC £192.73/££220 - Jul GC £296.88/£220
    Apr GC £230.40/£200 - May GC £230.40/£220 -
    Feb GC £200.19/£200 - Mar GC £203.37/£200 -
  • Wow Sunnyday what sort of wine do you make? I had a demijohn for Christmas because I want to start making wine, can you recommend a good wine for a beginner to make?

    Oct GC £36.72/£220.00
    Sep GC £223.58/£220.00
    Aug GC £200/£200
    Jun GC £192.73/££220 - Jul GC £296.88/£220
    Apr GC £230.40/£200 - May GC £230.40/£220 -
    Feb GC £200.19/£200 - Mar GC £203.37/£200 -
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    SunnydaySunnyday Forumite
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    Pinwheel wrote: »
    Wow Sunnyday what sort of wine do you make? I had a demijohn for Christmas because I want to start making wine, can you recommend a good wine for a beginner to make?


    I can recommend a very good one which was originally posted by Jenny Jelly, i discovered it about three years ago - amended it slightly and haven`t stopped making it since. Its very cheap to make and very easy. Start to finish in about 5 weeks sometimes 6.

    Into your demijohn pour 1 litre of apple juice & Half a litre of white grape juice

    In a large pan pour 2lb sugar, add a kettle full of boiling water and stir, you may have to turn the heat on under the pan to dissolve the last bit. Allow to cool until its just warm and then pour into the demijohn.
    Top up with cold water to halfway up the curved shoulder.

    Add 1 teaspoon pectolase
    1 teaspoon citric acid and 1 teaspoon of yeast nutrient, pop the airlock in and leave until the next day.

    Next day add 1 teaspoon of wine yeast and give it a good shake then replace the airlock. It will start to ferment, when its totally finished syphon it into a clean demijohn (don`t forget to sterilise before use) i run it through a coffee filter in a funnel into the clean one. The nasty stuff left can go down the drain. I then add 1 teaspoon stabilising powder and 1 crushed campden tablet. Replace the airlock give it a good shake and leave it for a couple of weeks. It will start to clear and then you can bottle it. Best served freezing cold :D

    If i`m not bottling it i don`t bother with the stabiliser or campden tab. I just pour some from the demijohn into a jug and pop it in the fridge :D

    The best results come from the clear apple juice and white grape(usually from MrM`s) make sure its the not from concentrate stuff. Avoid the juice with the nasty additives.

    The yeast, pectolase etc all come from Wilkinsons for around a pound, the yeast is a couple of pounds and they will all last ages.

    Hope that you have a go as its lovely. Even with the price increases it works out about £1 a bottle. The initial layout for the yeast etc is small and will make a good few dj`s full. It is quite strong :D

    Happy brewing - let me know how you get on.

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • Thank you so much for taking the time to write this out Sunnyday, I am definitely going to try it. It looks like a trip to Wilkinsons is on the cards for the weekend.

    How exciting!
    Oct GC £36.72/£220.00
    Sep GC £223.58/£220.00
    Aug GC £200/£200
    Jun GC £192.73/££220 - Jul GC £296.88/£220
    Apr GC £230.40/£200 - May GC £230.40/£220 -
    Feb GC £200.19/£200 - Mar GC £203.37/£200 -
  • sistercassistercas Forumite
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    declaring at £359.48 :j thats £40,52 under :T
    thanks Mrs M

    Katholics so sorry to hear about your dad , my thoughts are with you and your family
  • Thank you all for being so kind and for offering words of sympathy and comfort at this difficult time. The messages both on the forum and pm's are all very much appreciated. Many thanks!

    Ok, back to food...wanted to keep busy, we came back home for the first time since the early hours of Sunday morning when we were called to the hospital...have been staying with mum, but she wanted us to try to get back to normal and as i only live 10 mins away from her, if she needs me i can be there in a jiffy, so anyways, i came holme and baked...'artisan' bread and flapjack and foaccia. I made Quorn curry for tea and served it with rice.
    Grocery Challenge for October: £135/£200

    NSD Challenge: October 0/14
  • dumplingdumpling Forumite
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    Hi Mrs M, I'm declaring at £387.62 for this month. A couple of quid over but I can live with that! I'll be in next month's challenge too but I have 3 big birthdays in March so I'll put my budget up to £425. :eek:

    Thank you for running this challenge, it's really made me look at what my money is going on and that's got to be a good thing.:)
  • Kathlicos sending you deepest condolences to you and your family at this difficult time

    xspender thank you for the recipe ive printed it off

    just been MrS and spent just under a tenner will update my sig once ive sorted the receipt out
    SPC~12 ot 124

    In a world that has decided that it's going to lose its mind, be more kind my friend, try to Be More Kind
  • Hi everyyone,

    I would like to declare at £191.86 for Feb out of £250. I am so pleased. Could I please be put down for £200 for March as there is only me, 3 kids, a cat and 2 rabbits now me and DH have seperated.

    April GC 9th-7th may £0/£320
  • All In One Apple Cake

    6oz Self Raising Flour
    1 Level Tsp Baking Powder
    4oz Brown Sugar
    4 fl oz [100ml] Sunflower Oil
    2 Eggs
    5-6 Sweet Apples [not cooking apples]
    4 Tsp Cinnamon
    1 Tsp Mixed Spice

    1. Grease and line the cake tin with marg or butter and pre heat oven to Gas Mark 5 or 190C

    2. Apples - remove core and skin and dice into small chunks

    3. Mix the prepared apples with the sugar and spice [setting a few aside for the top if required]

    4. Sieve the flour and baking powder into a large bowl, make a well in the centre, add the sunflower oil, eggs and the spiced apples in no particular order, then beat the whole lot together on high speed for half a minute.

    5. Pour the mixture into the tin and gently press the reserved pieces of apple into the top. Bake until a skewer inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean - approx 40 mins.

    I didn't use the mixed spice [I had none]
    I used soft brown sugar
    My apples were very chunky [DS aged 8 done them for me]
    I used apples that had wrinkly skin as they were getting past their best
    I have a fan oven so cooked at 170C for 30 mins

    It tastes delicious and the smell is scrumptious

    Helen x
    Projects made for craft fair - 40 :)
    1st fair on 13/4/14 :j
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