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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • cutiepieabf Love the menu plan. What is the w.g mustard seed mash? Sounds interesting.
    GC Mar 13 £47.36/£150
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    Well I was going to do the G.C on a monthly basis starting on the first monday of each month but how now decided to do it 4 weekly starting on the day OH gets paid as that is 4 weekly so my March budget starts on friday so will keep my eye out for that thread and join offically then. I am aiming at £260 for the 4 weeks.
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    Well i'm going away tomorrow until Sunday (and new month begins on monday) and i didn't have any food in today -or so i thought lol, but i was very good and made a pizza ( i usually buy shop ones so this is good for me!) and lemon drizzle cake- in the slow cooker! and it was delicious!! and because i used up the tomatoes that were getting a bit squishy and the last slab of cheese, and few slices of ham left i haven't wasted any food this week! this is a biggy for me as i always seem to be throwing things away!! Just really hoping I can stay in budget now for the weekend!!!
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    Aim High!
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  • Hi all :wave:

    Haven't posted for aaaages! - but have kept all receipts

    Here goes...

    A**i - £54.92
    L**l - £4.45, £7.62
    C**p - £5.95
    HBargs - £12.60
    Msons - £21.29

    Total = £106.83

    Will update sig. Haven't spent a lot this month but been mainly living out of freezer/cupboards, pain medication being altered and not coping very well with it at the mo and also stopped smoking :T and not popping in to shop for cigs also means no impulse/expensive buys. Will need to shop later this week though so will declare for Feb after that.

    When I get myself sorted out better I must go back to meal planning as I did find it worked for me, but TBH at the moment I don't know how I will feel daily so any plans often go out the window!

    Anyway, hope you are all keeping well and managing your budgets x
  • janie-h wrote: »
    and also stopped smoking :T

    Well done :T:T:T
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  • Sorry haven't been around much, Dad passed away on Sunday. Have done some grocery shopping for bits and bobs but haven't done a proper shop or anything. I hope to get back on track in March and may just come in under budget by the end of Feb but i can;t be keeping tabs on grocery spends right now. Still i want to keep things as normal as possible (for the sake of my sanity, no joke)and that's why i'm logging in. Hope you are all doing okay :-)
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    ((HUGS)) katholicos, I can only imagine how you must be feeling. XXX
  • Hugs and spoons to all you underspenders, overspenders and on budget ppl no further spends to declare. Im still running on febs food. Had a very happy accident with a glass of red wine and a cheap pack of £50p value sausages (the skins broke not surprisingly) from Mr T thats been turned into an incredibly scrummy Lasagna thats made 4 servings 3 of which are now in the freezer.

    Pack of value sausages (out of the skins so ur left with the sausage meat)
    Tin of value tomatoes
    1 chopped onion
    value lasagna sheets
    Glass of red wine & a few dried herbs (oregano etc)
    Packet of Instant Cheese sauce (it was quicker than making a white sauce from scratch and i was feeling lazy)
    And a little grated cheese to top

    Made me 4 portions of lasagna so real bargin!

    LO rice salad for lunch 2morrow and jacket potato and Tuna planned for tomorrows Dinner.

    Hopefully my final declare for Feb will stand at the £42.88 im currently sitting at.
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    Yoo hoooo!

    Any space for a newbie?!

    Put me down for £250 in March- the OH starts his new job in London on 14th and will be away 10 days out of 14 (:D) but he will be replaced with foreign students from Austria who will probably only want the finest...Oh and I've got a 7yr old and a 12 month old who eats like a horse! Must'nt forget the cat too...

    So I hope £250 will cover food and toiletries inc nappies ect.. If not the Austrians will experience 'weetabix cake' and 'if-its' for the very first time!!! :D
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    Destroyerofdebt I've added your lasagne recipe to the front page index :T

    There's always room for one more on the GC, nat21luv, welcome! Mrs Mc will be along to add you to the front page list soon ;)

    if you put your budget figure in red text its easier for MrsMc to spot ;)
    ... don't throw the string away. You always need string! :D

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