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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • NSD for me today!:j hopefully will have a couple more this week! Took my Twinks hobnobs to work with me today and they went down a storm!! all asked for the recipe! :T 8 days to pay day and a weekend of working will make my first month a success!!:D
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  • Well we are already over budget by at least £10 :mad: But not too worried because I know a lot more money would have been spent on food if we were'nt doing this challenge.

    After sorting out our utility room (where we store/hide our bulk buys), we decided we needed some shelves as toilet rolls, tins, cans, cartons of juice, boxes of cat food and crisps were balanced on top of the tumble drier and were a real mess. So we took a trip to IKea and managed to get some nice cheap shelves which now look very smart and we can clearly see what we've got.:j

    Tea tonight was a stir fry, tomorrows tea is chicken drumsticks/thighs cooked in coat 'n' cook, with baked potatoes and salad.
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  • Well, I am embarassed to say that I have now gone over my budget :o Fingers crossed next month will be better. Will pop off now to update my signature. I hope everyone else is having more luck with their budgets.
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  • hi all is there a march groccery challenge up yet. hope everyone is doing well. hugs too those that need them xxx
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  • Morning

    Very very quickley report on my ikkle spend yesterday as me running late for work...ooops!:)

    £1.92 in A**a on Cat Treats (spoilt puddytats!)

    Gotta run - have a good day everyone x

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  • Small shop planned today. I need sandwich things for the journey to Scotland. My freezer is all ready for my meat delivery.

    I am thoroughly fed up with the cold house. My seedlings have suffered from the cold not to mention my hands are constantly freezing.

    I have a mountain of ironing to keep me occupied. Making doner kebabs tonight. We're getting up at the crack of dawn for our trip.
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    hi...nicer day today weather wise..lifts the spirit a bit i find....we had lunch out at relations today which was nice....dh and ds gone to the theater so home alone and im doing a bit of meal planning

    im planning a few mince dishes next week...i need to get some lasagne sheets and i fancy canneloni so need to look for the tubes....mince is very versatile and cheap:j

    cake tin still empty...needs sorting might think about that tomorrow...roll on friday when i get some money as only have £1 left

    tata tessa

    Hi Tessa,

    I don't know whether canneloni tubes are expensive or not but you can use pancakes to make canneloni. Just make the pancakes (not too thick), put the mince mix in, roll up put in dish, cover with cheese or white sauce, sprinkle with grated hard cheese (cheddar, parmesan, etc) pop in the oven to bake until golden on top. You could always add some crunchy bits to the cheese if you like that and I'm sure it would work with Mothership's (I think) idea of greasing the baking dish first and then adding ??? was it cheese? breadcrumbs? Please would you clarify Mothership?
    Billie-jo wrote: »
    Not spent anything since last update :T

    DH did try it on though today - we both had an appointmet for injections this morning and we had fasted for 12 hours previously. We had grandson with us and after we had both been jabbed DH said lets go to Te$co and get some toast. :eek: Te$co is about 1.5 miles one way from doctors and home is roughly 1.5 miles the other direction. WHY TE$CO then?
    So actually saved quite a bit because once there I know for certain the DGS would have wanted a breakfast at £4 so would DH and no doubt I would have had a drink at the very least. Feel rather chuffed with myself although have been renamed Granny Meanie. Its ok I can live with that cause the extra £10 approx in my purse helps. :)

    Brilliant willpower Billie-jo! :T OH went into coop on his own last Saturday with a list and still came out with a few 'bargains' such as 'reduced' but still expensive cheese that only he will eat. :mad: He's obviously not as 'cured' as I thought! :rotfl:
    youngmummy wrote: »
    hi all is there a march groccery challenge up yet. hope everyone is doing well. hugs too those that need them xxx

    Youngmummy, keep checking back here regularly as Zippy :Aor Pink-winged :A will post a link to the new challenge in the next week. Once you see MrsMcCawber :A and rosieben :A post up the names lists and recipe lists (they do this to allow easy set up of the new thread) then that's an indication the thread will be up and running soon. The latest it's likely to be is this weekend. HTH. :D

    Only spend was yesterday on membrane for the garden from B*M and I suppose the chips from the chippy for GD, 2 workmen and me will also go down so that's £11 to add. Will do sig in a min.

    My 'plot' (aka one end of the garden :p) is all double dug and ready to be planted up. Well, gradually over time but I'm impatient! :D Can't believe how much space we've managed to achieve. :j Should really help with veg this year. ;) And my raspberries and gooseberries are heeled in waiting for their final planting places. We'll still do some things in pots on the patio (baby toms, mange tout and possibly runner beans though will have more of these planted in the plot too) but we are going to be sooo much more productive this year. And a lot of the seeds are winter roots etc so will continue through. One of the carrots we've got can be left in ground into/thru winter until wanted which is great. :T

    Sorry, went right off topic! :o Can you tell how excited I am? :rotfl: Didn't sleep last night until about 5 am this morning and OH did me hot water bottles to go back to bed after taking him to work but I must take advantage of the pouring rain to get the indoors at least some way towards clean! :eek: So washing machine is on and I'm gonna go strip beds, vaccuum and dust soon.

    Well done to all those who have finished their February challenge :T and good luck to those who like me are in for the long haul to next Monday.

    ETA: I meant to say welcome back helen jelly. :kisses3::grouphug: Good to see you back and I hope you are through the worst now.

    Take care all,
    Mortgage Free October 2013 :T
  • NSD day yesterday !!! (2 in a row) and plenty of food for the next few days
    I will need to shop tomorrow though as I am working this weekend and we will have run out of lunch stuff by then
    If I provide it then it will be in budget if I leave them to fend for themselves it will go haywire!!
    So clean sheet Fri and begin again
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    So now I just need to keep going!
    Nearly half way through the year and I'm still here :D
  • spiggle - I don't think you went off topic - I consider growing fruit & veg as part of the GC for those of us who are lucky enough to have the space/time to grow our own. I too am getting excited about getting started, got a few things I want to get sown this week like toms,peppers,chillies etc.;)

    Going to have a NSD today, dinner tonight is meatballs(from Freezer), tomato sauce and pasta.

    Got my chest freezer defrosting at the moment to make room for DR delivery on Friday, the few bits that were left I have put into the Fridge/freezer. Made a few surprise discoveries when I was winding down the contents, from now on I must try to be tidier/organised and make sure everything has a label. It's also been a great way of making sure I've stayed in Budget this month although I do still have some shopping to do on Friday for the weekend as my March GC doesn't start until Monday.

    Good luck everyone, we're all getting there.;)
    GC for OH, myself, DD18 & DD16 includes Toiletries, cleaning stuff & Food.

  • Forgot to post on here last time I shopped....oops. Anyway we are one week in to the budget that started on 15th Feb, spent a good bit but pretty much on track :).
    Visited Lidl, Tesco yesterday and also got some diesel (£1.43.9p/l!!!!), not spending huge amounts but not getting that much for my money either tbh! Scary prices for some foods and certainly fuel.
    Last night for tea I made chicken, sweetcorn and cauli pies (no cauli for DS) and served with croquettes from Lidl (cheap but nice as a stand-by!) and peas....was yummy and still have chicken and sweetcorn left over too :).
    :heartpuls :heartpuls :heartpuls
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