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What is 10GB of internet usage ? (Roughly)

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What is 10GB of internet usage ? (Roughly)

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Bob_BridgesBob_Bridges Forumite
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edited 30 November -1 at 1:00AM in Broadband & Internet Access
Thinking about changing internet packages.
Need to know what 10GB of usage would be - roughly....

Thanks in advance,



  • All depends on what you are viewing/downloading.

    I could spank your 10GB allowance in an hour with ease, or it could last me all month if I only attend to e-mails and the odd bit of browsing/Youtube viewing.
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  • ukcarperukcarper Forumite
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    In 8 days I’ve used about 2gb, I am on line about 4hrs a day, OH on line about 2hrs a day.
    General surfing and emails and a bit of you tube.
  • By the time you torrent a film or 3, it would be done.
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  • I use anywhere between 6 and 8 GB a month and that's mostly browsing, emailing, about 45-60 mins of video Skype per week. Maybe an hour of streaming iPlayer a week. I download about twice that a month as Plus net allows free downloads between 12 am and 8 am, so schedule iPlayer and podcast downloads during that time.
  • kwikbreakskwikbreaks Forumite
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    If this is in relation to the BT 10GB broadband package many find it's equal to several hefty excess use charges before they decide to upgrade.

    10GB is plenty for general surfing, email, and a bit of YouTube. If you decide to use iPlayer much, online backup services, or download games or video then it will be used up very quickly.
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