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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • I still need to pick up some cereal bars as my local didn't have our usual, but that should be it.

    Just coming back to update that I found some old cereal in the cupboard. I'd use a klippit on it, so it was still pretty fresh. Made some breakfast muffins, so that's this week sorted with no spend. :T
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    I am on £273.72 against my target of £450 :j

    I just need to stay out of the shops which is relatively easy when the boys are at home. I hate shopping with children. The ever lovely co-op has re-filled my (already fairly full) freezer with £2 each RTC elmwood chickens today and A&C delivered a massive box of F&V yesterday and we are fully stocked for household stuff. The infamous famous last words 'only need milk' spring to mind.......... :rotfl:

    ETA I didn't 'need' the chickens out of this months budget but at £2 each for 6 (a good 30 left for others) it would be stupid not to buy them. I can see the logic of an annual budget but not sure I have the self discipline. Once I have gone massively over my months budget I do get a bit reckless, like dieting, eat three bsicuits, might as well eat the packet.
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    Hi Peeps :D

    well i was going to update my siggy but now i`ve decided not to :p

    I got the money off coupon for the deodorant in boots so i stocked up - thing is i won`t be starting to use it for at least 4 months so i shall add it at a later date :D

    I also bought some frizz ease stuff that i would never normally buy and that was on offer too but as that was really a treat it will come out of my personal spends money as its not something that anyone else will use but me.

    Apart from that i`ve not bought anything else except for a couple of doggie treats so not too bad really.

    To curb the day-off-spend compulsion that i normally get when i`m not at w*rk i`ve spent ages in the kitchen batch cooking for the freezer, i`ve made 4 portions of spag bol, 2 medium sized pork pies, 2 loaf tins full of pork pie mixture which i`m making into loaf shaped slices as i can`t eat too much pastry, the donner kebabs from the takeaway secret and last but not least 20 lamb meatballs in a rosemary and tomato sauce :j

    I got the meatball idea from someone on here but can`t remember who :o i just wanted to say thanks :D i adapted the recipe a bit and they are now in the oven.

    Good use of gas too as the oven is absolutely rammed full and the house has lots of different aromas wafting through. I`m starving lol.

    Think i shall have to go back into the kitchen to make a sandwich, i was going to make some twinks but i think that i`m all cooked out now :D

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    rachelww1 where did you go to get 3 hot chickens for £1 each ??? i never seem to get any good whoopsies
    Frugal living challenge - need to revisit its been.a while !! Need to reduce our debts!!
  • mothership; my thoughts are with your family today.

    have spent another £50 at A**A but needed some store cupboard ingredients.
    Stew in slow cooker and potatoes mashed ready to make fish cakes for freezer.

    Good luck to all
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    well i've failed to keep up with you all this month as wortk has been manic but our spending i think is still under control, we are at approx £120 so far :)

    have posted this on the new "its tough" thread but i thought it might need a home over here too :D

    Carrot cake
    2 cups sugar (by cups i mean that i use metal measuring cups)
    4 eggs
    1 and a half cups sunflower or veg oil
    3 cups grated carrot
    3 cups SR flour
    2 tsp cinnamon (or a big shake of it)
    1tsp salt
    half a cup of chopped walnuts (i leave these out)
    half a cup of rasins (i up this to 1 cup to account for the missing walnuts)

    beat the sugar, eggs and oil til smooth and light.
    combine flour, cinnamon and salt.
    add to the wet mix and stir.
    add the carrots and raisins (and walnuts if using) and stir thoroughly.
    pour into either a large lined loaf tin, or muffin cases.
    if in the tin bake at gas4-5/elec 180(fan170) and bake for 45-60mins
    for the muffins, same temp and bake for 35-45 mins or till golden and a toothpick comes out clean when tested into one

    Cream Cheese Frosting
    8oz of cream cheese
    1tsp of vanilla essence
    2 tbsp marg/softened butter
    5 cups sifted icing sugar

    combine everything BUT the icing sugar
    once well mixed add the sugar half a cup at a time
    ice the cake once its cold and enjoy :)
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    Had to rush mum in to hospital on Thursday morning and have spent most of our time since at the hospital so today just ran round Te$co chucking anything in - result £43.88 gone and nothing to show for it. Just recently have been getting a full weeks shopping for less than this and todays haul will just last us until Monday maybe Tuesday. Just goes to show how beneficial making a list etc is.
    However all is not lost as we are well within our Feb budget and will just put todays shopping down to unforseen circumstances etc. :(

    Love & hugs to Mothership and everyone else. I think the majority of us are having a terrible Feb with one thing and another.
    Will update signature now.
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    Hi everyone,
    Not done too bad on the shopping front this week, and I've clocked up another 5 NSD's so pleased with that, even though my signature looks horrific, especially as there's only the two of us. I'm consoling myself by knowing that my cupboards and freezer are full, too full infact, a colleague at work has lamb for sale, so i have half a lamb coming at the end of the week, I keep force feeding DH ice-cream and cakes, to make room for the

    I shouldn't need anything else this week, only a few bananas.

    Have a good week everyone x
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    Cheap days around the NorthWest
    blue_cat wrote: »
    I also want to take kids out somewhere- any suggestions for cheap days out for 15yr old DS and 11yr old DD around NW - Manchester, Liverpool , Chester area?
    DH still desperately looking for a job- not much look so far though- lots of pressure on me to bring home the money. I'm trying very hard to keep debts and budget under control but still enjoy life.
    Thanks to everyone on the OS board -lots of good advice and inspiration.

    You can always take them to the Museum of Science and Industry, if nothing has changed is free and they have loads of things to touch and experiment with, so it is not a "look and do not touch" museum.

    A tour around Old Trafford and a walk around their museum is £20 for the family, £12 if you only go to the museum bit. You can walk around Salford Quays first and have a look at the new BBC buildings, there is a cinema around there, a theatre, some restaurants and a retail outlet. Also 5min from there, the Imperial War Museum is also free. Manchester City has also a similar tour but I don't know the prices.

    The Police also has a free museum in a Victorian building (Newton St) with cells and a 1920s office. It all depends if they like all the "police and burglar" game.

    The Manchester Museum is free and huge. Also the Manchester Art Gallery in St Peter Square. I know Urbis was going to be transformed into a "Football Museum" but I don't know when, maybe it has already been done or maybe it is later in the year.

    Close to Trafford Shopping Centre you have the "Chill Factore" place, with indoor ski and snowboard. A bit pricey, though.

    Wythenshawe Park has horse riding sessions, no idea of the price. Also an Horticultural centre, mini golf, a small farm and they usually have some outdoor activities for children. Heaton Park is another good place to go for a walk and play but Idk if they organize many things there.

    I also found a website where you can get updates on what is going on regarding activities to do with kids:

    I had a read through and they have many many other things and suggestions. Worth a look!! Also, keep an eye on Groupon daily offers and LivingSocial deals, they both have a 24h offer in a couple of things every day, sometimes they do have amazing deals with £100s of pounds in savings.

    What kind of job is your OH looking for? There are a few websites with updated lists of jobs but some of them are only for specific sectors. One that is quite generic is and they usually have loads of new ones every day.

    For your 15yo, what about some paintballing together? They could choose one activity each month, one your DS, one your DD, alternating months, so there would be one thing to look forward to in the month and they both would be happy to go to places they like. I think it is difficult to choose for both because of the age. The Beatles Museum in Liverpool is really cool. They do some channel cruising from Manchester to Liverpool with return by bus, idk if they do family prices, when I went it was £30 each but it was summer and no discounts whatsoever for us. It took about 6h journey to go, then I think it was about 2h-3h there and back by bus. There are some big boats doing trips from Salford Quays to the city centre, a different way to see theh city. Much cheaper too.

    tomorrow you have a free "driving mini cars" in Salford: , have also a look at "All the events" on the left handside of the page.
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    ok so total so far is £137.61 for groceries

    got £13 to last 9days which is very do-able

    but i am going to be changing my budgets from next month and including other things in with the grocery budget and only having cash - as when theres money in my account i spend it!!
    Frugal living challenge - need to revisit its been.a while !! Need to reduce our debts!!
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