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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Made another order today to BB4L for £20.59, inc 2 cases choc dips, 4 x 3.5kg bags bread mix, 6 x jars rogan josh curry paste, 12 x bottles salad cream, 2 x packs milky bars (for party) and kitchen rolls.

    Have added to febs signature, but won't be using it all this month :rotfl:
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    what's BB4L if you don't mind me asking?
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    So, I've just done something I've NEVER managed before! I went a whole weekend without going to a sm! This, in my world, is a huge accomplishment, and I'm really proud of myself!

    Went out yest, and took a packup which consisted of fruit and crisps from the cupboards, and some sausage rolls from the freezer. Went to a friend's yest for dinner. Today, another friend bought me a mcd breakfast (naughty but nice), and then gave me lunch as I'd driven her to ikea (was going anyway). Made dinner for some other friends tonight, but already had in all ingredients, and there's even leftovers for our dinner tomorrow, so that's the meal plan shunted two days back. Nice!

    Due to these NSDs, my daily spend allowance has now crept up to £1.33. Slightly worried about half term - not that I don't have enough food, but that I'll go shopping with the children!! Still, away for two days, and ch with their dad for three (2 of which are when I'm away). I'll do my best, and that's all I can do. I really do have SOOOOOO much food, that it's way past ridiculous. My friends say I could cope for 6 months without leaving the house if we had snow/nuclear attack/etc!! (I'm inclined to believe them now I've woken up and seen it!)

    I'm off now to bask in my glory! Take care all, prayers going to all in need.
    PG x
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  • mummyjane wrote: »
    what's BB4L if you don't mind me asking?

    Sorry, big brands for less - an online discount store selling near ood food, and end of lines. You have to pay for delivery on a scale charge for weight, but only the same as I'd pay for Mr T's to deliver.
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  • Hi all
    Not been online for a few days as I managed to break the cable that plugs into the wireless router but that's been fixed now.:j
    Had to go to MrS on Saturday while taking DS17 out for driving practice again. Despite having him with me we stuck to the budget fairly well.:rotfl:

    Regarding soup - I made one last night just throwing in some floppy vegetables from the bottom of the fridge - a couple carrots, some browning broccoli, a bit of butternut squash, onion and courgette. Simmered with some vegetable stock for half an hour and then blitzed it when it had cooled. Oh and I added a few dried herbs, salt and pepper and it tastes pretty good.
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  • I've not managed to keep up with this thread at all, & disappointingly I have not stuck to the meal plan/shopping lists like glue...& thus am way over budget. I think I made the mistake of going after a really, really hard day at work when I had so many things to do at home as well, so things just got chucked in the trolley without really thinking if we need them or if we really want them...*sighs*

    For example - I bought 6 packs of hot dogs that were on offer, GREAT! I thought, but after looking at the receipt later I saved less than a pound...on all 6... :o

    I know people say there are no "failures" with this challenge but I do feel a bit of a failure - on the bright side it means I will have to try extra hard next month...
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  • hi guys, hope everyone is ok and finding their budgeting ok. :money:

    I've been off work ill for a wk, go back tues - the stat sick pay won't be hardly anything, only on a 12hr contract so I really should be good and stick to bugeting!!!

    well I have enough cat food and cat litter for the month anyway, lol -
    my kitty is my priority. :cool:

    I think I can come in for the budget - I get paid on 26th, hmm, 12 days with £20 budget left.
    This should be quite interesting!!! lol :eek:

    (Increase in medications really given me the munchies - this is really annoying! :o )
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    Start SW this wk! :p
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    Hi There

    I had an idea last night, slept on it and woke up a wee while a go to write it down while its clear in my head.

    I've been telling you about the 2nd & 3rd purse idea.
    These past few weeks I've been trying to break an addiction that I've had for such a long time... To shopping, mostly food shopping.
    I have reached a strange place, one I never ever thought I'd see. I have enough of everything in the house in the freezer /stores. To last for 6-12 months. Saturation point if you like.
    I've even upgraded a lot of what we are eating to the best possible quality. We are eating better than we ever have and most importantly we are not wasting anything.
    I've spent around £50 this month 10% of last Feb spend, I reckon what is in the 2nd and 3rd purse ( for replacing low stock and and a small budget could keep me going for quite some time,) with fruit/veg/ milk and perishables etc.
    So I've decided I'm going to go for it, instead of spending money I'm going to try only spending what I absolutely have to.

    I've opened another account and have a debit card with only the balance of Febs budget and the contents of the 2nd and 3rd Purse. With no overdraft facility.

    I plan to make a further large purchase of meat from Donald Russell this month for delivery at the end of March to be paid from the 3rd purse.

    I've done a list of what's been eaten and worked out an average cost of the days meals, the average is about £4 per day £28 per week, as we have lived from stock for 3 weeks of Feb, I will owe the 2nd purse £84 + £10 for March + I need £30 for fruit/veg/ milk and perishables etc. That will set my budget for March at around £124. The bulk of that will sit in the purse till a top up is required.

    For the next 6 months, I will only be using the 2nd & 3rd Purse solely for food/household purchases.

    This thread has been a great discipline for me, I've been RE-EDUCATED LOL . It will be interesting to see what happens, its been a real eye opener for me doing this GC.

    For anyone wishing to follow my progress, just keep an eye on my signature. I will list any purchases at the foot of my posts
    It works out in real terms we are getting by on 1/5th of what we are used to spending. That works out at least £400 per month of savings. Just under 5K per year. That is serious money.:j:j:j:j
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  • Morning!

    Just here to report another NSD for yesterday! YeY!:jx
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    need to go shopping today for guinea pig food , hay and some fresh food for them

    hopefully that will be it

    just booked return train tickets to london for a day trip in april ( used my £2 savings :D so effectively free) I really want to go to the titanic exhibition - so need to save for that now

    happy valentines day everyone :)
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