What's best way to recycle/dispose of aerosol can?

OK, I know these are not the most environmentally things to use anyway, but I do have a couple of empty cans to dispose of. Can they be recycled? Our local recycling collection does not include metal, so should they go in the metal recycling thing at the tip (probably not as it crushes) -or in the household waste?


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    Ours recycle aerosols in the usual boxes but some don't. Check your local council web pages to be sure.
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    Thanks, but our concil doesn't collect metal of any kind in the blue box (they came bottom of all local councils on recycling recently), which is why I would have to take it to the tip (to recycle) or put in household waste.
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    They are recyclable, but local recycling facilities vary. Best place I've found to answer a question like this is http://www.recyclenow.com where you can find a list of everything collected in your home recycle bins, and also search for the closest collection point for everything else.

    I've had no issues with accuracy of the provided information on here, but I have found a few recycling facilities nearby which aren't yet listed, so you may still have to look around and see what's available. It's a good starting point though and usually turns up something useful.
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    If you save them until November 5th and put them on the bonfire they make a loud bang!
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