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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Well spent £35.96 in Mr.M, Mr.T, A1di, Sainsbugs + HB - I got about a bit today:rotfl: getting a bit close to my budget now though :mad: didn't get any fantastic offers/whoopsies etc but hopefully I'll have a few more NSD coming up:)
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    Ok I can't find the recipe for the ginger nuts please can someone point me in the right direction.

    its listed under cakes etc in post # 6 on the front page of this thread ;)
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  • 46p spent today! I needed to get change for work and was drawn to 2 packets of crisps which seemed strangely cheap. I am a crisp-a-holic.

    Will need to get milk tomorrow and noticed the Lidl weekend offers are really good this week, so no doubt more spending will happen!
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  • goodgirl80 wrote: »
    First shop of the month.

    Thank you!

    Second shop this month 26.53

    Total: 47.04/100:)
  • Just popping in to say have done my second shop of the month and now have a very full freezer! Will update my sig in a mo..Have spent £49.81 at sainsbugs. We had a lovely tea tonight as I felt in the mood for cooking (am slowly getting my mojo back!) and rustled up a jam roly poly...yuuuummmmmm! ....and there's enough left over for tomorrow! :j
    Its very easy to make btw:D
    The recipe for anyone who fancies it is :
    8oz sr flour , 4oz of suet and enough water to mix into a dough..roll out and spread with jam, mincemeat or whatever you fancy. Fold the edges over and roll up (so it looks a bit like a huge sausage roll). Slash the top and sprinkle with a bit of sugar, wrap in foil and bake in the oven at 200 degrees for about 30 mins. :T
    If you dont have any sr flour use plain instead with 3tsps of baking powder;)
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    l.m.hart wrote: »
    if you go into the velvet toilet tissue site you will see the tab for the coupon, £ 1.79 for 9 rolls of decent toilet tissue is and amazing price,i assume your purchases are classed as spaving .2uge4p4.gif

    classed as spaving? what is that? do i have to record it differently ?
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    No spend day today, don't need anything, didn't go out. :D
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    Update of spends: so far big shop at Mr T delivered 1/2. Have another order being delivered tomorrow (as delivery is cheaper:money:) that should last me until we go on holiday the following week.

    So £137.23 upto today. Tomorrows shop was £79 odd but some prices guides only so will update once I have the correct figure.

    I am pleased as lots of bits and bobs in freezer and with meal planning we have been eating a lot better with no takeaways.
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    minnie2 wrote: »
    classed as spaving? what is that? do i have to record it differently ?

    no not at all, i remember seeing on here that spending out on lots of bargains is called spaving, you mentioned you bought lots lol

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    Ok im up to £113.34 of my £135 of my grocery budget (sounds bad but all i need for the rest of the month is chicken, pitta bread, salam, veg, tomato ketchup, onions & juice and i dont even need any of these things for about a week)
    My total on my yearly stock up is £169.29 out of £180 they had some BOGOF offers on cleaning products on tescos (last me a year), have a years worth of bin liners, years woth of flora oil, & some other bits. it was helpful as i got to use my last voucher for extra points (1000points/3 shops) so i got in theory i got 783 points for this last shop on a £54.72 spend and im saving to double up at xmas so will give me back £15 then!!!!
    Have 4 NSD's so far, dont think i will be spending anything tomorrow, we will see. Will spend the rest of my stock up budget on toilet roll, though not yet as i have 2 deep bookcase shelves full.
    P.S Did get a takeaway today but its not counted in my grocery budget as it was for my mums birthday and she wanted chinese
    Thanks slbhill you really put my mind to rest, hes ok now and its seems nice and clean though quite deep...hes off limping around with his friends as i write this.....
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