Best everyday things to save money and to be greeneen!

Any thoughts out there? My top 5 are:

1. Buy less clothes (and possibly fewer nicer ones?) - how many outfits does a girl need :j
2. Join a car club - pay as you go
3. If you must have a car - get a fuel efficient one!
4. Less food waste - measure your portions, leftover dinners (side benefit = thinner maybe!);)
5. Never user your digital radio via the TV - uses loads of energy!



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    Check charity shops before buying ANYTHING new. British Heart Foundation does electrical goods, white goods, furniture. Smaller shops can have lots for the kitchen, fabric and buttons for sewing, toys, clothes. I even buy lever arch files and sheet music from our local shop. :j
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  • Turn everything electrical in your house OFF at the switch when not in use.
    DONT let the microwave sit there with its green light glowing. Turn it off.
    Dont leave your elecric cooker sit there with its lights glowing waiting to be used. Turn it off
    DONT leave any electrical equipment in standby.
    When you switch your laptop off, unplug it, it uses electricity even if the laptop is off.
    It all adds up over the year
    Our house is all electrical, no gas and we have Electric storage heaters yet our monthy payment by DD is £54. This is worked out by the Electric company and is based on usage over a year.
    The DWP = Legally kicking the Disabled when they are down.
  • As for the clothes, I have found that I save on clothes because I don't just throw away/give away things when they "go out of style". I keep things that I like and I think could be used in numerous different ways. Many trends have come full circle, and I find myself wearing things from years ago. I always get compliments on my old clothes being, plus they aren't the same as everyone else's since they are no longer in stores!
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    Like Invalidation I always turn all my appliances off at the plug. I'm really quite frugal with my gas/electric - my combines gas/elec bills are about £625 per year, that's for just me in a 2 bed semi.

    Something that will come into it's own later this year and year on year is growing your own food. It doesn't have to cost the earth (pun intended) as you can get cheap/free seeds at various places (see the Greenfingered Board) and you don't even need a garden - think balconies and window cills!

    I also keep all of my metal recycling for myself rather than put it out for the Council. I wash my tins out anyway (used to do it well when I did used to put them into the recycle bin because I was paranoid about rats), now I wash them and keep them till I have enough to scrap. I haven't scrapped them yet because I don't have anywhere near a car full yet! You can also collect aluminium drinks cans too. If you're dumping any electrical goods be sure to take out the copper wiring in it first - it's worth a small fortune! See this site for scrap metal prices:

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