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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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    - any leftover chicken (including carcass/bones) plus around 100g chicken meat (it can be just from the carcass or a really small chicken breast).

    - 1 tbsp sunflower oil.
    - 1 clove garlic chopped really finely / a teasp of garlic salt
    - a bit of ginger chopped finely / a teasp of ginger salt
    - 2 tablespoons pf cornflour
    - 600ml chicken stock
    - tin of creamed corn (or sweetcorn if that is what you have)
    -1 egg

    optional: 1 spring onion, tsp of soy sauce, 1 tbsp lemon juice


    1. First get the stock ready, so you can just boil the carcass/bones for about an hour to get the flavour, pass through a colander, season with a bit of salt and you are good to go. Or mix a cube of chicken stock in hot water. Or buy chicken stock but that is not very MSE! Lol You could also boil the chicken you are going to use if you haven't got any bones. Just take it out later in order to shredder it and add the rest.

    2. Put the oil, ginger, garlic and chicken in a pan and fry a bit. Make sure it does not go brown but just seals the juices, cooks the chicken in the inside and garlic and ginger leave the flavour in the meat and oil without burning. If you have put the chicken aleady in the water to do the stock and you have it on the side, just fry slightly the ginger and the garlic.

    3. Blend the cornflour with a bit of stock (take a bit with a mug and put the cornflour, stir until dissolved). Then add it to the pan.

    4. Add the shredded chicken and the oil, garlic and ginger. If you have put more than a tbsp of oil to fry them, do not add all of it.

    5. Add the tin of creamed corn / sweetcorn.

    6. Leave to boil a bit at low heat for about 15-20minutes.

    7. Taste and add more salt if you need to. Check the consistency, if you like it thicker add a bit more of cornflour but do not add a lot because once we add the egg it will get thicker anyway.

    8. Once you feel everything is cooked and seasoning is ok, put the heat down, beat the egg on a small bowl and star to slowly add it into the soup. Use a fork or the egg beater to "break" the egg as it falls and make strands. So make a slow motion circle (for example) with the fork and add the egg slowly. The fine egg strands will cook as soon as they touch the hot water and you will get like long strands of egg inside the soup. This will give the soup a thicker consistency and add a lot of taste.

    9. Soup is ready. You can add the tbsp of lemon juice if you fancy (I didn't). Also, you could add a drizzle of the soy sauce and some chopped spring onions on top when serving. I put the spring onions and OH complained. I did like them though. I did not use the soy sauce in case it killed the flavour and being liquid I could not take it out. But you can always try in one bowl and see how it goes.

    I have the rest in the fridge for today :D
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    I usually make it with a tin of creamed corn. Thanks for the info on adding the egg. I always wondered what the strands were in the C&SS from the chinese.
  • Went to the dreaded c*** yesterday and picked up apples, a melon, puff pastry, yoghurts and biscuits for the tin....
    I couldn't find any sausage meat! They only had skinned sausages. So my sausage roll idea went out the window until i remembered that i have some cocktail sausages in the freezer left over from xmas!! That'll do the job!!
    Then went home and made apple turnovers, and gingerbread men with the 5yr old. he loves decorating them after and although he normally has school dinners he insisted on having packed lunch today so that he could have hm fruit salad and a gingerbread man.
    This is coming from the child that, while sitting and eating our full on roast dinner on Xmas day says, 'Can i do my homework now?' :rotfl:
    Strange child...

    So anyway spend for yesterday - £8.98.

    If anyone wants the gingerbread man recipe let me know and i'll post later. :)
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  • MRSMCAWBER - Well done on staying away from all the sweets and treats :j Im trying to do that at the moment but nbot doing so well :o
    Hippeechiq wrote: »

    Hi Equilibrium
    and it was very nice, although, as much as I love Sweet Potato, I think next time I make it, I'll use normal white ones.
    I also added 1Tsp Smoked Paprika, 1 Tsp Mild Chilli Powder, ½ Tsp Lazy Garlic, and a tiny extra splash of Red Wine before putting it in the dish and adding the mash

    Also these are all on my monthly menu planner too:
    and this CHEESE & LENTIL LOAF is divine

    Hope some of them appeal to you :)
    Thankyou Hippeechiq they sound lovely , i will definately try them :)
    does anyone have any tips for purchasing a good chest freezer at a reasonable price.
    Thanks all.

    Hi Redkids , I brought a small chest freezer at the end of last year. I looked through the 2nd hand stores first but because everyone had been buying them for xmas they had none left. So eventually we found the cheapest one was at Argo* . But have a look around you local 2nd hand places first as they will be much cheaper :). And well done on all the bargain shopping :T

    Updating Sig.
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    MARCH £0/£170
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  • Hi thanks for the links to the recipes -we are going to have the cheese and lentil loaf for tea tonight as I have some mushrooms and peppers crying out to be used up!
    Not doing to well on the challenge at the mo as have used nearly 2 1/2 weeks money in a week as we were out to dinner at a friends and had to buy wine and bring a course etc and am doing a birthday tea at the weekend so will have to buy loads of baking stuff as I have run out!
    Oh well maybe lentils for the rest of the month !
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    14/16 NSD in January:mad::mad:
    2012 Weight loss challenge -5lbs :j
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    does anyone have any tips for purchasing a good chest freezer at a reasonable price.
    Thanks all.

    i bought this one last year to use as a top up freezer. I have it upstairs in the corner of the spare room.
    I only paid £80 for it though in the sale.

    I was reading about freezers failing outside this winter due to the cold temperatures and remember reading someones post saying that Beko are the only brand that will work properly in temperatures below -5 degrees. Not sure how true that actually is so you may want to do some research.



    EDIT Link amended
    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
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    ran out of cotton buds and sandwich bags yesterday so nipped in mrT as its next to the drs, linda mccartney 6 pack sausages are on offer at the mo at £1 a pack so got three packs while i was there (the same price as iceland but their packs only have 5 sausages in)

    handt had time to do anything yesterday with drs appt etc so it was chips and sausages for tea.

    i did make bread rolls for pack up so day wasnt a total loss

    hoping to make muffins and a veggie lasagne this afternoon, eldest ds has mate hoem after school so theyll probally want feeding if so early tea for them will be spag boll, ive got mince in the freezer.

    just realised i declared my jan spend and put this months goal on the end of the jan thread so id better do it here as well

    over spent by £27 in january
    im going to go for £340 in feb as i ended up dawing out an extra £60 form the bank that i shouldnt have so going to try and reabsorb that
    SPC~12 ot 124

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    Jolaaled wrote: »
    I'm glad the cake turned out jam instead...sound really delish..must make a note to remind myself to try that in the summer when I make my jam! Did you still add spices too??

    Hi Joalaad,

    yes i still added everything as per the recipe and it was great. DH has requested it again soon :D

    Planning on starting the GC again soon :p
  • MKS wrote: »
    I usually make it with a tin of creamed corn. Thanks for the info on adding the egg. I always wondered what the strands were in the C&SS from the chinese.

    mmmm :think: It might have been creamed corn and that is one of the reasons it was not as thick as my OH wanted? I have edited the recipe and added creamed corn beside sweetcorn. Thanks!!!

    I also wondered what it was lol, it kind of made sense when I did it myself. One egg goes a long way in the soup, the whole soup if full if the strands now and they are really tasty!
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  • spends of £9 today, going to have a go at making the marmalade cake today and some muffins
    Have a Bsc Hons open degree from the Open University 2015 :j:D:eek::T
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