Homebase online = Argos...

I suspected it was on the cards, but checking the Homebase website today, I notice it looks very similar to the Argos site.

Looks like Home Delivery only (retailer is Homebase, but Argos fulfilling order), but you can earn Homebase Spend and Save rewards on purchases.

So effectively 1% off!

Not sure if there are any differences between the two sites in terms of stock / available or prices though.

HTH - Rufus.


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    I saw this other other day. I was very disapointed with the range too as they didn' have half of what they would have in store and it was nearly all the same items that you can get at Argos.
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    You are correct, I noticed this some time ago. If you look at their lighting department for example there are the same products and their garden furniture range is also the same


    Argos Example

    Homebase Example
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    You are definitely right. Homebase and Argos are selling the same stuff as they are both owned by GUS plc. However Homebase only have a limited range on their website as it is still under development.They are trying to mirror the Argos website as most of the stuff you buy on the homebase website is coming from Argos depots and delivered by Argos.
    However their prices still differ and they are trying to make a distinction on their products like garden furniture. Basicaly their garden furniture range is the same with the slightest variations.
  • well it says on the homebase page
    "Savings compared to prices charged on the Argos website, the higher price having been charged on the Argos website for a period of 28 days in the previous 6 months. Our exclusive online offer does not necessarily reflect that of our stores. Please refer to our Pricing Policy for more information."
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    RufusA wrote:
    you can earn Homebase Spend and Save rewards on purchases.

    So effectively 1% off!

    Having worked at Homebase, I can tell you its not 1% back in vouchers, its a minimum of 2% but can be up to 10% back. I guess thats a bargain, shame I don't work there anymore.
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    Shopping cart page says:

    Homebase Limited are responsible for your order but as part of the Argos Retail Group, your order may be fulfilled by Argos Limited (trading as Argos Direct). This does not affect your statutory rights.
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    I wanted a shower enclosure and noticed that the same item was on both sites. However it was during the Argos £5/£10 voucher promotion, so by buying it from Argos I got a £10 voucher plus free delivery (I would have had to pay for delivery from Homebase)!
    I would if I could but I can't so I won't!
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