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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • Morning all
    Day 2 of February. No nsds yet but groceries delivered via Mr T, still the cheapest for my list through mysupermarket. Total including delivery £59.51...called at local store to stock up on H baked beans, mushy peas (special offer) and a few treats...£8.26. (just noticed that I was charge for 2 pack of choc bikkies and I know for sure I only ate one packet yesterday!!!!!!!:):) so I will be tottering back in today to threaten them if I dont get my money back (only kidding)!!!

    Lidl reduced bread and turkey breast, Cabbage 49p, sunflower oil, noodles 3 for 2!! total spend £8.64.

    So a good enough week and am going to pop for some decent coffee today as the special offer bigbrand in tescos is yuk!

    So heres to the rest of the month as I would love to come in under £300 again.

    Good luck to all
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  • Hello :)

    OH picked up some fruit and veg and other bits yesterday, so that's £11.64/£200. I'm hoping that'll be it until the weekend!

    Fallen_angel - I did an inventory of everything in the kitchen last month, and I'm planning on using as much as possible through this month aswell. I didn't even think about whether it was cheating or not :/
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    i changed my mind on getting taties i decided i'd try rake up a few nsd so i'm gonna make do til fri, were having stew today with the last few taties and then i'll be topping it up with the stew from the freezer, so today will be a nsd for me but i forgot to add in the 2 happy meals we got as a treat on mon after we took the twins to the dr's so thats another £4.38, what happen to the days when they were £1.99 lol it's soon won't be cheap enought for a quick treat and it won't be long til i have 2 buy 3 :( will update my sig now
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  • Have taken cake mix and cereal bars off this weeks list in favour of cat food and cheap flour to stock up on in case it gets more expensive again.
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    Jolaaled wrote: »
    Have you got the sauce recipe, XSpender...sounds lovely!

    Chicken or Quorn with Ginger and Coconut Milk

    1 tblsp veg oil
    1 inch of ginger grated or 1tsp ground ginger
    1 clove of garlic, crushed
    1/2 tsp paprika
    350g quorn pieces or chicken cubed
    1 green pepper, diced, or cut into diamonds if your feeling posh
    200ml coconut milk
    1/2 tsp tabasco
    2 tsp of cornflour
    rind and juice of 1 lemon

    Heat oil and saute ginger and garlic for 1 minute. Add paprika and mix well. Add quorn/chicken and saute for 5-7 minutes. Add remaining ingredients except for the lemon and cornflour and simmer for 20 mins. Blend the cornflour with a little water and mix in. Stir and simmer until thickened. Add lemon juice and rind and heat through.

    I haven't made this myself yet so I hope it's OK. My Mum says she adds more garlic and ginger and 3 desertspoons of dessicated coconut to thicken it up a bit and leaves out the tabasco as she can't eat it.
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    martafdz wrote: »
    Sorry for the following rant....

    I am fumming! :mad:

    I ordered at Asda on Sunday to come today, so it will be the first shop of February, most of it just to stock up basics/food I buy often that were on offer, such as toilet paper, potatoes, crisps or chips. Well, I had a slot between 4pm and 6pm but at 6:30pm I was still waiting. So I call the customer services, who take my number and said they will call back. At 7pm I received a call saying that they have "just been" and there was no one in! What the...? I was at home! I received no call, there is a concierge in the building who open the door and nobody knocked at the door! I am rubbish at complaining so I kind of started mumbling I was upset but then agreed to have it redelivered tomorrow. That's it. All I got is a "sorry, we will talk to the driver to see what he says". Not even an offer to refund the delivery!!! And they have already charged my account, as the available balance is taking into account this payment!! I feel I have paid £48 for bad service and late food. I hope they do send me tomorrow fresh stuff because I had loads of frozen items there!

    I felt like cancelling the order but according to MySupermarket the same items in other sm were £18 more. :(

    I feel so frustrated! I needed some of that stuff for today and tomorrow!! :(

    Can I have a piece of chocolate cake to calm down? :o

    EDIT: btw, welcome to the challenge to the new people! This is my second month and it's brilliant! :)

    In response to your asd* experience, I recently had a no show on delivery from Tesc*'s, it was actually the day before me Son's christening party and I had a rather large order for over £130.00 for the buffet. After ringing their customer services they advised that the van had broken down and offered to deliver first thing the following morning. As this was actual day of buffet, I declined and went and picked up the shopping. I did however get £20.00 voucher towards next online order and a refund on the delivery. When I got to the store, my shopping was there all packed and the bloke loaded it into my car.
    I have also had a late delivery from asd* with no phone call or compensation either. so although often cheaper I have tended to use Tesc* more than Asd*, but then Asd* don't send any vouchers with points do they? :D
    I do like using online delivery but if you are needing your shopping there and then, home delivery is not always the most reliable.

    As for my febuary budget, well I have had my first online delivery of £72.75 yesterday. I also spent £3.83 in local c*-*p, but got some reduced ham and 4 for £2.00 on baby food , so saved 0.86p.

    Should have a NSD today as not planning on leaving the house so hopefully off to a good start.

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  • XSpender wrote: »
    Almost caught up with the thread, only 3 pages to go:D

    Spent just over a tenner yesterday on formula, 2 tubs of spread and a bottle of water to take to my interview/3 hour assessment:eek: I really need to get some bananas today as DH likes to have one for breakfast and I am debating whether to do my weekly shop today instead of Friday to save going to Mr S twice. I don't need much fresh stuff as my veg and fruit boxes will be delivered on Friday anyway. I will see if I hav the energy after I get my HW done as the place is a tip:eek:

    I had a disaster with the bread in my BM on Monday. The bread just did not rise and was a heavy lump at the bottom of the pan:( I had used the same flour and yeast on Sunday and it was fine for a loaf and pizza bases so I am not sure what was going on there. I made a white oaf straight afterwards and that was fine. I am going to try the 70% wholemeal again this morning.

    I am going to make a macaroni cheese and broccoli bake for tea tonight. I will add some chopped ham I have in the freezer to DH half. Tomorrow I am making a recipe of my Mum's. Quorn (should be chicken but I am a veggie) with a ginger and coconut sauce, will serve it with rice.

    Also going to try the millies cookie recipe as the half batch of twinks I made Sunday are all gone:o

    Have a nice day everyone:)

    Hi there,

    I may be teaching granny to suck eggs if you excuse the pun, but have you made sure that you put the ingredients in in EXACTLY the right order? I have strayed from this before and it has meant that the yeast has activated too soon or not activated at all, so that may have been the problem for you? HTH. :)
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  • Went on a whoopsie hunt and got lots of goodies today :)

    3 x finest sirloin steak = £5.10 (not counted as it s for Valentines dinner that I am doing for DH instead of going out...very MSE :o)
    Chicken pie (family size) = £1.35
    Apples = 65p
    Bag of salad = 45p
    Clementines = 55p
    2 x cucumber portions = 50p

    So on GC budget I have spent £3.50 - will update signature now x
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    OrkneyStar wrote: »
    Did you have to get 4kg ? Or did they come in smaller packs ? I always laugh when I hear someone say 'I bought all this now what do I do with it ?'- my answer is often 'think of that before you buy them'!!!
    Not meaning to be cheeky ;)
    How about tart tatin ? That might freeze too ?
    Or store them somewhere cool and dark ?
    Shame it is not halloween or you could be 'dooking for apples' lol.
    Finally is there a friend who might like to swap some apples for something else ?

    ROTFLMAO! They came in two bags, one @ 31p and the other 38p. Oh! I know what to do with them all right, we are gonnie eat em!!! :D
    When I posted asking for help I was looking for inspiration, and storage advice, (us city chicks don't know much about these things.) I planted an apple tree a few years back. Its a good size now and is starting to bear fruit, so I was hoping to learn how to store apples properly so I wont waste them :)

    Tart tatin is a family favourite (I got a proper dish for it a few xmases ago.) And we have a baby who LOVES apple puree, a family who loves apple sauce, crumble.
    I was also hoping someone had a wee chutney recipe. :D
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    hi...hope everyone is well and doing well....i havent spent anything lately but am beginning to get cabin planning a trip to costco to get a few bits...quite fancy trying their eggs as they are very reasonable but come in a massive quantity...planning to share with a couple of friends

    also need fruit as it has disappeared out of the fridge...funny how that happens

    spend for jan averaged out at £34 a i did have a fair bit in i think that may go up in feb

    take care
    onwards and upwards
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