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February 2011 Grocery Challenge

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  • kahunababykahunababy Forumite
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    Hello all, back again for the next challenge.

    Please could you put me down for £250 again this month.

    I would have liked to reduce this as it's a short month however we are traveling to England to see my family and theres half term to think about this month (my baking cupboard always takes a beating over half term as I try and do some with the kids), so thats why I'm staying at £250.

    Hope you all have a good month xxxx
    Just little old me!
  • Hi am declaring even if i don't manage to keep up with all the posts
    . please put me down for £160 this month. Thank you  
    Jan Grocery Challenge £175/£200 :j
  • Hi everyone, Been lurking for a few weeks now and i've finally taken the plunge and gonna put myself down for a couple of challenges! I 've enjoyed reading all your posts. Being single and in debt can be a lonely business at times and even though its all my own fault i am finding that i do appreciate the small things in life now! Will you put me down for £120.00 please. Good luck everyone!!
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  • Hi everyone, my target for feb is £200. My month runs 20th - 20th so I'm at £126/£200 but with a full freezer!
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  • never_too_oldnever_too_old Forumite
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    Mothership wrote: »
    Yes! please... My efforts are dangling on a knob in a bag above the cooker lol, its been there for just over an hour, I've kept the oven on a wee peep so the heat wafts up, fingers crossed I remembered how to do it. My kitchen smells like my granny's :T:T:T I'm da granny noo!

    Boiled a gammon joint and made a lovely pot of lentil soup with carrot ,turnip, leek, totties and a parsnip I found in the fridge don't know how long it has been in the fridge, it was in perfect condition so in it went, then finished it off with parsley. Nom nom nom. My little GD will be having some for lunch tomorrow.
    Had fish and chips for dinner and a lovely HM scone. Need to post the recipe it was one of my experiments that worked (Still laughing at the marmalade ).

    Love the sound of Mrs Macawbers Chicken & sweet corn soup, need to try that.

    Thank you for all your kind thoughts, they are greatly appreciated.

    7 G SALT


    Thank you for all your kind thoughts, they are greatly appreciated.[/QUOTE]
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  • TheBeesTheBees Forumite
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    So here goes for February! £380 target so fingers crossed!

    Tomorrow will be a small shop at MrT for some essentials and I'm taking the £20 voucher I forgot last month. Then I'm planning a bigger internet shop at the end of the week. I sat and planned meals for a fortnight last night which was hard work!
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  • Sue14Sue14 Forumite
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    Can I please be put down for £130 again this month? I don't know how well I will do on that this month, as I may have to stock up on a few things, but I'll give it a try!
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  • First day of the month so big spends out lay!

    £103.71 spent

    £42.69 remaining

    done big shop for month, all cleaning and toiletries, pet food, litter, meat, cupboards stocked and 2nd purse purchases.

    milk gets delivered so will recieve bill around about 20th but still got my £10 free shop off of that so should be neutral. Will need bread, top up of veg and fruit but thats it really. desperate to come in under budget!
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  • :wave: I am finally joining in after months of thinking about it. I am estimating my monthly spend at around £150 as I tend to do one big shop of around £50 then £25 top ups each week. I don't think I will need the big shop as want to use up some stocks, so setting my budget to £100 for the month. Month starting today. :)
    bertiebots wrote: »
    In the mean time does anyone make meatballs with pork sausage meat ?( quite like the idea but dont want to bawls it up lol!)

    Jamie Oliver does. ;) I also found this recipe while trying to find the previous which looks really yummy - Spaghetti with sausage meatballs

    When I used to eat more red meat, I would also make meatballs with half beef and half pork mince. They were delicious. Delia does a version in a goulash sauce that looks good.
  • bertiebots wrote: »
    In the mean time does anyone make meatballs with pork sausage meat ?( quite like the idea but dont want to bawls it up lol!)..thanks to a super sainsbugs sale I have four or five packets of the stuff rolling around in my freezer , and apart from sausage rolls I am drawing a blank on what to use it for- (but couldnt resist the 30-odd pence price tag at the time:o)
    I would be very grateful for any cheap and cheerful suggestions;) Thanks.

    How about a sausagemeat/apple pie or sausagemeat/egg pie other wise i just make them into sausage patties fry and serve in breakfast style baps.

    not greatly different to sausage rolls i know but a little different to plain sausage rolls.:p Hope that helps.
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